The Canary Islands plan to create 2,000 new jobs in two years through active tourism

The Canary Islands plan to create 2,000 new jobs in two years through active tourism

The Government of the Canary Islands, through the Ministry of Tourism and Employment, directed by Jéssica de León, has started work that will allow the creation of 2,000 new jobs in active tourism in the next two years. This was announced by the general director of Tourism Planning, Training and Promotion, Miguel Angel Rodriguezin the opening presentation of the annual conference held by the Active Tourism Business Association of the Canary Islands, Activate the Canary Islands.

In it, he highlighted that among the objectives that the Ministry of Tourism and Employment has proposed immediately, within the framework of the regulatory modification, is that of «make positive progress in terms of active tourism and ecotourism».

Rodríguez stated that his department has held the first technical coordination meeting for the modification of the current Active Tourism Decree, where «“There has been a need to advance in the incorporation of young people and postgraduates into a professional career in active tourism.”

«To achieve this objective», he explained, «we must adapt the new qualifications in terms of vocational training and modify the current Active Tourism Decree to carry out transversal work, with work groups involving the Ministry of Education, the Vice-Ministry of Training Professional and the Ministry of Tourism and Employment.

«One of the drawbacks that we detected is that there was no adequate traininga necessary training to practice this profession,” he stated, while announcing that “from this transversal work with the Ministry of Education we intend to present citizens with an attractive career in active tourism in a basic, intermediate and professional modality, both in public and private vocational training centers.

Poloto experience in Escuela de Canarias Hotels

At this point he announced that Hoteles Escuela de Canarias (Hecansa), a center attached to the Ministry of Tourism and Employment, will begin in the coming weeks a pilot experience together with the Canarian Employment Service (SCE) for the creation of three basic training modules «that will allow young people to join the active tourism career and, from there, entrepreneurs, in turn, incorporate trained people into their companies, so the Canary Islands’ offer in this area will be more competitive and of higher quality.

The new formation of Hecansa It will allow young people to obtain a level of training, “which today would not allow them to join this profession, but with the regulatory modification that we intend it will be possible.” «In practical terms», he explained, «if to practice the profession it is necessary to be a professional monitor with 300, 400 or 600 hours, they can be accompanied by auxiliary monitors who have basic training with which they will be able to start a professional career and then rise and prosper.”

The general director of Tourism Planning, Training and Promotion stated that one of the great bets of this legislature is to ensure that active tourism is more professionalized, trained and more competitive, with the aim of achieving sociocultural, environmental and economic sustainability. «More employment, better employment, more respectful of the natural environment and tourist products with more added value»he concluded.

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