The case filed by DİSK has been finalized… A blow to TURKSTAT from the Council of State – Last Minute Economy News

The case filed by DİSK has been finalized… A blow to TURKSTAT from the Council of State – Last Minute Economy News


After the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) stopped publishing the item basket as of June 2022, the decision became clear in the lawsuit filed by DİSK against TURKSTAT.

In the statement made by DİSK today, it was noted that the case filed against TURKSTAT was won.

In the statement, “We won the case we filed against TURKSTAT after TURKSTAT stopped announcing the inflation-based item price list in June 2022, and the decision appealed by the ministry and TURKSTAT became final. In accordance with the judicial decision, which was also approved by the appeal, TÜİK has to republish the item price list. TURKSTAT Presidency is not the place to violate judicial decisions. “In accordance with Article 138 of the Constitution, court decisions are binding on everyone, including the TUIK Presidency.”

Noting that after the finalized judicial decision, they requested TÜİK to implement the administrative court decision on April 2, 2024, DİSK said, “All the ways tried by the TÜİK Presidency have been exhausted. The judicial decision has become final. Article 138 of the Constitution is extremely clear: With the legislative and executive bodies, “The administration must comply with court decisions; these bodies and the administration cannot change court decisions in any way and cannot delay their implementation,” he said.


As of June 2022, TÜİK has stopped publishing the average item basket price list, which it has announced every month since January 2003. The list included the average price of over 400 items.

Thereupon, DİSK requested information from TURKSTAT on June 3, 2022. However, TurkStat rejected the request for information, stating that the item basket and average item price list would not be published.

On June 6, 2022, DİSK requested the average item price list data from TÜİK again through the Presidential Communication Center (CİMER) within the framework of the right to information. However, TÜİK rejected this once again with its response dated June 23. He cited the list as “causing misunderstanding and misleading evaluations in the public” as the reason.

DİSK went to the Access to Information Board after the decision. The Board also rejected DISK’s request on August 3, 2022. Thereupon, DİSK took the matter to the administrative court, stating that the Board’s decision lacked legal basis and that it was unlawful to abandon the disclosure of data that had been disclosed for years.

In its decision dated March 31, 2023, Ankara 6th Administrative Court ruled that the information requested by DİSK from TÜİK within the framework of the right to information is among the information that the labor confederation must have in its possession due to its duty. It was decided that TURKSTAT’s rejection of DISK’s request for information was unlawful.

However, TÜİK did not implement the decision and appealed. Ankara Regional Administrative Court 12th Administrative Case Chamber decided on September 15, 2023 that TÜİK’s appeal application was not in accordance with the law.

Thereupon, TÜİK went to the Council of State.


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