The cost of saying ‘Yes’ reached up to 500 thousand TL

The cost of saying ‘Yes’ reached up to 500 thousand TL

“Marriage Fair” was organized under the leadership of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, so that couples who are getting married had the opportunity to see the latest trends and innovations in the wedding industry closely.

57 companies attended the fair held at Kocaeli Congress Center. At the fair, all the details of the wedding industry were explained to the couples by industry representatives.

Kocaeli Wedding and Event Operators Solidarity and Development Association (KODED) President Erkan Gönenç gave information about this year’s wedding costs and warned couples.

Stating that couples should rent a hall approximately 8 months before the wedding, Erkan Gönenç said, “They should not be late, they should reserve their place. A wedding is not an easy thing to do. A person gets married once in his life. He wants everything to be beautiful. They should not leave their wedding dresses to the last month. That’s why they should book their wedding dress 6 months in advance.” “They should make a reservation. We ask all our couples not to be late. The season starts after May 15. June, July and August are very busy in Kocaeli,” he said.


Stating that there are wedding halls for every budget, Erkan Gönenç said, “You can have a wedding for 70 thousand TL or 500 thousand TL. The number of people and the organization are very important. If you are having a countryside wedding, when you rent LED lights, each of these is added to the price.” .


Kerem Ayman, who said that he will get married on August 24, said, “While we are taking care of the house, we are also trying to complete our preparations. I visited all of them, from the cultural centers of the municipalities to private halls. Instead of dealing with them separately, I collected them all in one item in a wedding hall. For 100 thousand TL. “I agreed. If I had done it separately, it would have cost between 90 thousand TL and 125 thousand TL. Nothing would have changed much,” he said.

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