‘The farmer, who cannot pay his electricity debt, sells his field to foreigners’

‘The farmer, who cannot pay his electricity debt, sells his field to foreigners’

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, the status of the Energy Specialized Industrial Zone, which was announced to be established years ago in Bor district of Niğde, Grand National Assembly of Türkiye brought it to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Emphasizing that the decision regarding the Energy Specialized Industrial Zone in Bor was taken at the same time as Karapınar, Gürer said, “No nails have been hit yet, Karapınar is finished. Every time I ask, we get answers such as ‘There has been a tender, it will be done, it will be done’. Will it happen or not? “Let’s make this clear,” he said.


Pointing out that farmers are suffering due to their electricity debts to Turkish Electricity Distribution Inc. (TEDAŞ), Ömer Fethi Gürer said that farmers in Niğde’s Orhanlı town were seized due to their debts to TEDAŞ, and that he saw the seizure documents in the hands of dozens of farmers.

Gürer said, “Farmers are already in trouble, and what happens when they are attacked through foreclosure is that foreigners and those with money coming from other provinces buy the land of this poor farmer, and he tries to pay his debt. Regulations should be made regarding these, and especially their interest should be deleted. The work to be done on this issue.” “It eliminates their suffering,” he said.


Referring to the problems related to the solar power plants opened by the producers for their own accounts, Gürer said, “I went to a farmer in one of our towns in Edikli. He produces more energy than he needs, the energy he produces is taken away from him, and the price is not paid. He wants to use it himself; they say ‘no, you can’t use it’. How is this?” A form of approach? Again, the citizen has a title deed of 100 decares for the Solar Power Plant, and he has rented 100 decares; he wants to use the Solar Power Plant for the place he rented, but he is told ‘no way, the title deed is not yours, you cannot do such a transaction here’. There is another situation like this.” he said.


Gürer, who also wanted the latest situation regarding the search for natural gas in the Mediterranean to be announced, said, “In the Eastern Mediterranean, two countries, Israel and Egypt, have actually started production and it has been stated that the shortest economic route to the market will pass through Turkey and the public has been informed about the search for natural gas in the Mediterranean.” “It was presented in a very different way. Currently, studies have been carried out in 8 wells. What is the result there? I mean, has gas been found there? Is there such a study? Ships are tied up in the port in Taşucu. Is there a study on this?” asked.


Drawing attention to the problems related to power outages that have increased recently in Niğde, Gürer said:

“Power outages occur frequently in Niğde province. Next thing you know, it is said that ‘electricity is provided without interruption.’ I guess there are provinces that receive it uninterruptedly, but there are regions whose electricity is cut off for a day during the summer months. Why are these power outages occurring? In addition, the cost of the energy used by farmers in this irrigation water – a legal regulation was also made – would be charged at the end of the harvest. Has this practice been implemented or has it been paid to farmers? “Is this practice continuing after so many assurances were taken and his life was sacrificed just in case? We would be grateful if you could explain this as well…”

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