The “Little Dolphin Project” of Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch allows more children to “have love and not be alone”

The “Little Dolphin Project” of Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch allows more children to “have love and not be alone”

  Never change your original intention Dreaming about the future

  My name is Little Dolphin. I was born in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen in 2013. The vast ocean has given me a unique personality of being smart, talented, united and helpful, gentle and friendly. As an angel of the ocean, I must maintain this spirit of fraternity and dedication. Pass it on to more children in need.

  fromBeginning in 2013, Fude Life Insurance began to create a long-term and continuous public welfare activity, providing 5Warmth and care for 12-year-old school-age children.

  up to now,Little Dolphin ProjectIt has held more than 1,400 events, donated more than 30 million yuan in charity materials, and benefited more than 180,000 children. It has donated accident insurance products with a total insurance coverage of more than 3 billion yuan to more than 80,000 children, and nearly 2,000 children in need have received insurance. More than 3,000 volunteers provided one-on-one assistance.

  Little Dolphin ProjectLong-term persistence, dedicated positioning, dedicated feedback, and active exploration have received widespread attention and recognition within and outside the industry. It has been selected as a typical case of targeted poverty alleviation by the China Insurance Industry Association four times, and has won a total of 30 media honors.

  Ten years of perseverance, letlifeWith more warmth, let your dreams shine into reality, and never forget your original intention and move forward forever!

  Multiple assistance Warmth and shelter

  Over the years, Fude Life Insurance hasLittle Dolphin ProjectIn the practice of public welfare, we continue to increasesupport one’s will“”Help wisdomStrengthen efforts to provide warm shelter to more children in need.

  Love donation:Over the years, Fude Life Insurance35 branches continue to carry out charity donation activities in local supporting schools, donating customized dolphin warm packs, reading rooms, sporting goods and other educational materials that are generally lacking in rural areas to schools and children.

  Since 2017, Fude Life Insurance has designed and donated exclusive accident insurance products to children in poverty-stricken areas every year. up to now,Little Dolphin ProjectIt has donated insurance products with a total insured amount of more than 3 billion yuan to more than 80,000 children, and received 36 claims reports with a claim amount of more than 155,000 yuan, effectively reducing the burden on some poor families.

  wish repaid:Since 2017,Little Dolphin ProjectWe planned and launched a wish repayment activity. Children filled in wish cards, and volunteers collected the wish cards and prepared wish gifts and gave them to the children. up to now,Little Dolphin ProjectA total of nearly 400 wish repayment activities have been carried out, fulfilling the wishes of 19,266 children.

  A new schoolbag, a new pair of sneakers, a companionship, a reunion… “Little Dolphin ProjectListen to children’s inner wishes and light up their dreams with love.

  Study Tour&classroom:In recent years,Little Dolphin Projectincreasego outandwalk intoTo date, more than 400 children across the country have been invited to participateLittle Dolphin ProjectStudy tours and summer camps.Under the leadership of volunteers, they entered the aquarium, museum, science and technology museum, and art museumExciting activities help children open their horizons and ignite their longing for the world.

  Little Dolphin ProjectDesign and develop courses and supporting reading materials and conduct public welfare classes to achievePrecise wisdom support. 2023The fragrance of books in the cloudsThe class gathers multiple themes such as confidence, courage, and harmony, tells growth and inspirational stories, and encourages children to become leaders in life.warrior.

  One-to-one assistance:Fude Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Key launches in 2017One-to-one assistanceThe sub-brand recruits volunteers from the whole system to provide paired assistance to children in need. In 2020, the company independently developed a one-to-one assistance system and launched it on the company’s OA platform and E-Futong APP. Volunteers can check the situation of children in need online and claim assistance, through tuition assistance, living subsidies, material donations, psychological Provide one-on-one support to children in the form of care and other forms.

  up to now,Little Dolphin ProjectA total of information on more than 2,600 children in need has been collected, more than 3,000 volunteers have participated in the system, and nearly 2,000 children in need from all over the country have received targeted assistance.

  It is the original intention and mission of Little Dolphin volunteers to give full play to their own strength and allow children to move forward firmly on the journey of their dreams.

  Gifted with great love Guangzhi Deben

  Fude Life Insurance Tianjin BranchSince its establishment in 2005, it has always adhered toLet every Tianjin person have life securityThe company’s mission is to adhere to social responsibilities and spread the energy of the industry.Tianjin BranchLittle Dolphin ProjectSince its launch in 2015, it has donated exclusive accident insurance with a total insurance coverage of nearly 40 million yuan and 1,000 sets of warmth packages to 1,500 children.

  From 2021 to 2022, the Tianjin Branch formed an alliance with the Inner Mongolia Branch, and more than 40 volunteers worked together to help more than 20 needy children on a one-to-one basis, with a total annual donation of 62,000 yuan;Dream come trueTaking the opportunity to light up the dreams of more than 400 children in Inner Mongolia, the friendship between Tianjin volunteers and the children in Inner Mongolia has since taken root.

  In 2023, Tianjin Branch willSee the world in the cloud and move towards the futurethemedLittle Dolphin ProjectThe charity trip started as scheduled, bringing care and hope to more children in need in Tianjin and Inner Mongolia.

  In May, six girls with excellent academic performance from Inner Mongolia walked out of the mountains and traveled south to Tianjin, where they started a two-dayDream Dolphin IslandStudy tour activities. The children walked into Tianjin Polar Ocean Park and experienced the joy of swimming in the ocean and letting their childish innocence fly; the unique Nankai spirit in the century-old school allowed the seeds of dreams to take root and sprout in the hearts of children, and also allowed them to establish the lofty ideal of learning to serve the country; step by step Enter the Fifth Avenue, unlock the European style, enter the hometown of Jinmen, and relive the water transport culture. The two-day study tour was a joyful experience for the children, and it was also a spiritual exchange and mutual growth between volunteers and children.

  In September, with concern in their hearts, volunteers from the Tianjin branch traveled across mountains and seas to visit Ulanqab again to help children and donate materials totaling more than 30,000 yuan. While donating dolphin warm packs and exclusive insurance to the students of Honghe Town Primary School, the students also made small gifts to express their gratitude to the volunteers as a return gift of love.

  October, Tianjin BranchLittle Dolphin ProjectVisited the Liudao Street Central Primary School in Jizhou District and donated exclusive insurance with an insured amount of 5.1 million yuan and 100 sets of dolphin warm packs to the students.The fragrance of books in the cloudsPublic welfare classes convey a spirit of confidence and bravery to students, inspiring them to actively meet the challenges of life.The children interacted lively with the volunteers and made promisesDon’t be afraid of difficulties and chase your dreamswish.

  The road to public welfare has a long way to go.Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will continue to buildLittle Dolphin ProjectA public welfare brand that concentrates its efforts and resources to convey the love of insurance, and uses warmth and kindness to help children bravely pursue their dreams, so that more childrenThere is love and you are not alone.

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