The Ministry of Economy received only 20 applications for “golden visas” – Kommersant

The Ministry of Economy received only 20 applications for “golden visas” – Kommersant

The Ministry of Economy has received more than 20 requests from foreign investors for a residence permit in Russia. The amount of their investments amounted to more than 1.2 billion rubles. About it “Izvestia” said Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Volvach.

Applications have been received from investors from China, the USA, Germany, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Algeria and other countries. Amount 1.2 billion rubles. – initial, since applications usually indicate the minimum amount of investment sufficient to obtain a residence permit.

The amount of investments in applications is only a tenth of the investments forecast for this year. No documents have been issued yet. According to the Ministry of Economy, the amount of investment in 2023 from the residence permit should be 12 billion rubles. It is planned that in the future investments will grow and will amount to 40 billion rubles. annually.

The Ministry of Economy sent most of the applications and sent positive feedback to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will provide information about citizens with a “golden visa” only at the beginning of next year – the registration procedure takes about four months.

The requirements for the volume of investment are different and depend on the basis on which the application is submitted. To obtain a residence permit, investors can invest in socially significant projects (15 million rubles), Russian legal entities (30 million rubles), and also open their own legal entity, which does not show zero turnover, but pays at least 4 million rubles. taxes and contributions per year.

A “Golden Visa” can be obtained by purchasing real estate, the total value of which varies depending on the subject. For Moscow this is at least 50 million rubles, at least 20 million rubles. for the Far East and at least 25 million rubles. for the territories of other subjects.

Anastasia Larina

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