The most growing and resistant to changes in recent years areas of activity have been named

The most growing and resistant to changes in recent years areas of activity have been named

Online trade in goods for home and office, rental of intellectual property, wholesale trade and fishing and aquaculture – these four dissimilar areas of activity have turned out to be the most growing and resistant to changes in recent years in their market segments. Tochka Bank analysts came to this conclusion after comparing different areas of business activity according to four criteria – popularity, stability, profitability and duration of existence.

Data on the registration and liquidation of businesses from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the databases of the Federal Tax Service from January 2017 to August 2023 were taken as a basis. This period includes three “calm” and three “turbulent” years, complicated first by the pandemic, and then by problems arising from the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The first place in popularity goes to online sales of goods for the home and office. It began to grow in 2019, and in 2020 it took first place in the number of business registrations, continuing to hold the lead. From 2021 to 2023, the number of operating companies in this segment increased by 15%. The leader in terms of stability is the area of ​​intellectual property rental. It recorded the minimum number of company closures (the most unstable, we note, turned out to be the cargo transportation sector).

To determine the leader in profitability, analysts assessed the turnover of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. The highest revenue for all these segments in 2019–2022 was demonstrated by trade (with the exception of the sale of motor vehicles). In the segment of small and medium-sized businesses, the first place in terms of turnover is occupied by wholesale trade in products (average revenue in 2022 – 310 million and 1.24 billion rubles, respectively), in the micro-segment – “other specialized wholesale trade” (19.2 million rubles) .

Finally, in terms of longevity, fishing and fish farming companies lead among commercial organizations (their average life expectancy is 17.2 years). It turned out that in general, regardless of the sector and size, companies in the Russian Federation live on average 7.2 years. In the micro-segment this period is shorter than average – a little more than 6 years, in the small segment – about 12 years, on average – 14 years.

Venera Petrova

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