The new children’s directors of Loro Parque: bearers of the aspirations of the new generations

The new children’s directors of Loro Parque: bearers of the aspirations of the new generations

Emerging from a contest where Canarian boys and girls competed to demonstrate their dedication, commitment to nature and their visions on how to improve the present and future of the planet, these four lucky children arrived yesterday at Loro Parque to assume their roles as children’s directors.

The jury, in charge of choosing the winners, faced the difficult task of selecting the most outstanding among more than 150 participants. In the first phase of the competition, participants presented essays expressing their innovative ideas. The finalists had the opportunity to present their projects to the jury at the Loro Parque facilities, revealing proposals as imaginative as the conception of a “human aquarium” and as ecological as the promotion of bicycle lanes on the island, beach cleaning contests or artistic creation from recycled plastic.

Wolfgang Kiessling, president of Loro Parque, together with the management team, warmly welcomed the winners, immersing them in a VIP experience that made them feel not only important, but also rewarded for the effort invested in their presentations.

The winning boys and girls of the contest, from various schools throughout Tenerife, visited Loro Parque in the company of their families, full of enthusiasm at temporarily assuming the responsibility of contributing fresh and genuine ideas. All Loro Parque departments came together to create a special reception, providing the winners with a detailed view of the work in the different sectors of the zoo.

This initiative adds to the numerous educational activities that Loro Parque organizes in collaboration with the Canarian community and schools, providing stimulating and diverse avenues for learning. In this case, the four lucky children’s directors will enjoy a full year joining the park team, exploring the various areas of activity. It will be a fun and learning experience where, guided by tutors, these young people will participate interactively in every corner of the zoo, discovering the fascinating world of conservation and animal care. So far, the winners’ preference leans towards activities linked to animal care, where they will accompany those responsible for animal welfare, caregivers and other personnel dedicated to the direct care of animals. All activities are supervised by Loro Parque educators, ensuring that these young people, now an integral part of the team, live the most exciting experience of their lives.

About Loro Parque

Loro Parque, an animal embassy with 50 years of history, has the largest and most diverse parrot reserve in the world, as well as species and ecosystems from all five continents. The institution, together with the Loro Parque Fundación, maintains a firm commitment to the conservation of biodiversity in the Canary Islands and reinforces the role of modern zoological centers accredited as protectors of threatened fauna.

The Park has the Plaque and the Gold Medal for Tourist Merit awarded by the Government of Spain and the Gold Medal of the Government of the Canary Islands, among other awards. In addition, it has been recognized with the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence and is the only zoo in Europe that has the “Humane Certified” Animal Welfare Certification from the American Humane entity.

Throughout its history, Loro Parque has become, together with the Poema del Mar aquarium, the Siam Park water park, the Brunelli’s restaurant and the Hotel Botánico and Oriental Spa Garden, the most reputable tourist entities in Tenerife and the must-sees of Tenerife. the Canary Islands.

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