The number of openings exceeded 3,000!Hampton by Hilton Worldwide Celebrates New Milestone

The number of openings exceeded 3,000!Hampton by Hilton Worldwide Celebrates New Milestone


Whether in the global or Chinese market, Hampton by Hilton is a beacon brand in the mid-to-high-end hotel market, and its influence is undoubted. Recently, Hampton by Hilton has once again reached a new milestone: the number of hotels opened in 40 countries and regions on five continents has exceeded 3,000. In the 2024 “Top 500 Franchise@” list selected by the US “Entrepreneur” magazine, Hampton by Hilton once again became the number one hotel brand in the accommodation industry, setting a record for hotel franchises on the highly competitive list for fifteen consecutive years. Number one record.

Since entering China in 2014, Hampton by Hilton has opened more than 360 hotels in China, has signed more than 800 projects in total, and has entered more than 200 cities across the country. Hampton by Hilton is not only the first choice for business travelers in many cities, but also promotes It contributes to the development of local tourism and the progress of tourism economy.

Caption: Hampton by Hilton Guangzhou Xintang

As the largest hotel chain brand under Hilton, Hampton by Hilton relies on strong brand endorsement and focuses on providing services to travelers who value quality and pursue value for money. For Chinese guests, high-quality, well-designed accommodation and facilities, as well as the brand service concept of “friendliness, reliability, care and thoughtfulness” have left a deep impression on the guests.

What is touching is that Hampton by Hilton has inherited a globally consistent brand experience while also carrying out localized innovations rooted in China, well balancing the experience differences between Eastern and Western cultures, and always paying attention to customers in every update iteration. needs, such as the flexible office space presented behind the design of movable desks and ergonomic chairs, which not only meets the needs of business travelers to work anytime and anywhere, but also creates comfortable office conditions.

Not only that, in the wave of technological transformation of hotels, Hampton by Hilton actively explores digital construction and brings unique digital experiences to guests, such as connecting telephone calls, robot delivery, visual doorbells, and intelligent guest control through a TV port. , electric curtains, etc., making smart rooms truly the highlight of the accommodation experience.

Digital construction not only upgrades the user experience, but also becomes a management tool for Hampton by Hilton. It has created an industry-leading “2+1” digital operation system, including three core platforms including data middle platform, internal management platform and direct sales platform, which has greatly improved the hotel’s daily operational efficiency and reduced communication costs.

In the information age, hotel brands are also inseparable from marketing innovation. Focusing on the upstream and downstream experience of hotel accommodation, Hampton by Hilton links the target audience with high-quality marketing content through cross-border cooperation with various industries including Caocao Travel, Senbao Building Blocks, Shougang Sports and other brands, and distributes the communication content through multiple channels. , to achieve the maximum marketing effect. Recently, Hampton by Hilton’s cooperation with the popular movie “It’s Hot” has created dazzling sparks, allowing the brand to once again go out of the circle creatively.

Newly opened hotels in China include Hampton by Hilton Changsha Wuyi Square, Hampton by Hilton Guangzhou Xintang, Hampton by Hilton Beijing Changping, Hampton by Hilton Hangzhou East Station, and Hampton by Hilton Chongqing Changshou Lake.

Newly opened hotels around the world include Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Shenandoah The Woodlands in Texas, USA, Hampton Inn by Hilton Istanbul Sirkeci in Istanbul, Hampton Inn by Hilton Kuwait Salmiya in Kuwait, and Hampton Inn by Hilton Saline in Michigan, USA.


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