The price of a single rose was astounding

The price of a single rose was astounding

Emin Çimen, President of Ankara Chamber of Florists and Tradesmen, gave information about the preparations they made before February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Stating that the industry has started preparations from producers to sellers so that lovers do not remain without flowers, Çimen stated that 40 trucks of flowers were shipped within the country for this day.

Çimen stated that in this period, especially roses, especially orchids, carnations and casablancas were preferred and said, “Of course, we want to sell flowers not just one day, but every day. If flowers go to a house every day, it will bring happiness.”


Stating that the demand for roses, the symbol of love, increases on Valentine’s Day, Çimen said, “Roses are always preferred on Valentine’s Day. This means affection, love. Especially the red rose attracts great attention on that day. There is also demand for other colors of the rose.” “For example, pink rose means ‘my heart belongs to you’ and yellow rose means ‘warm love’,” he said.

Stating that flower prices are reasonable, Çimen said, “Flowers ranging from 50 lira to 300 lira can be found in shops. In December 2023, the price of a single rose was between 70 and 150 lira, depending on the quality. There will be no price increase on Valentine’s Day, shopkeepers will sell roses at the same price. Consumers will also sell roses at the same price.” “He will be able to find the one that suits his budget,” he said.

Çimen said that the most affordable gift on Valentine’s Day will be flowers.


Referring to flower sales over the internet, Çimen said:

“Flowers should be purchased from a florist in terms of freshness, durability and affordable prices. We receive many complaints about orders placed over the internet on special occasions. Especially in orders placed online, the product may not reach the address at the desired time. In this case, victimization occurs, but the shopkeeper delivers the product to the address at the desired time and quality.”

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