The real king of jerky with authentic New Year flavor | Business News | 2024-02-08 – Guangming Daily

The real king of jerky with authentic New Year flavor | Business News | 2024-02-08 – Guangming Daily

When it comes to the most representative food during the Lunar New Year, jerky must be on the list. Every New Year, no matter whether the market is good or bad, dried meat must be one of the New Year products that every household must buy.

When it comes to jerky, of course the first choice brand must be the time-honored brand with good quality and good reputation, and with more than 50 years of food processing experience, the most authentic jerky produced by the jerky king! Zhengrou Jerky not only insists on using the freshest ingredients, but also strictly controls the quality of the jerky produced by Zhengrou Jerky, ensuring that customers can buy with confidence, eat with peace of mind, and give considerate gifts.

In the upcoming Spring Festival, whether it is for gift giving or for personal use, Zhengyang Jerky King is definitely your best choice. Why?First, the jerkyIt has a long history and represents the pure flavor of the year.Moreover, Zhengyang Jerky King has a variety of traditional and delicious meat jerky to choose from, including traditional pork jerky, chicken jerky, sliced ​​pork jerky and emperor jerky.

Zhenghe Lamei Co., Ltd. was established in 1968 , in the early days, it mainly sold cured meat products, and it has a history of more than 50 years. The company founded a jerky shop in 2007, and in 2016, the brand was officially recognized as the jerky king.

Zhengrou Dawang uses “honey charcoal grilling” to make the mouth-watering “signature jerky”. It not only gives the jerky a charcoal flavor, but most importantly, it can also lock in the meat juice of the jerky and make the meat more delicious. The dry overall texture remains fluffy and flavorful.

After years of improvement and hard work, today’s Zhengrou is better than ever in terms of quality and packaging, and is one of the leaders in the industry. Its commitment to products has also made jerky the first choice for many people as a gift during the Spring Festival.

Diversified products to satisfy the market’s needs

In addition, Zhengyang Jerky King insists on quality, and all its products undergo strict quality control. In order to meet the market demand for different jerky tastes, Zhengrou King has also launched a variety of products to provide customers with more diverse choices while ensuring quality.

If you like authentic-flavored jerky, you must choose the traditional pork jerky and chicken jerky from Zheng Jerky King. The super “authentic” signature jerky is made using the traditional honey charcoal grilling method. Both the texture and the aroma are unique. One bite after another is irresistible!

In order to ensure the quality of the product, “Zhengrou” uses an industrial automatic vacuum machine to package each piece of jerky safely and hygienically independently. This not only ensures the freshness of the jerky, but also makes it hygienic and convenient for consumers to carry. Eat with peace of mind and give thoughtful gifts.

More importantly, vacuum-packed dried meat can greatly extend the shelf life. This way, you can ensure that the jerky is still in a pure and good flavor when giving as a gift, ensuring the quality of the product.

If you like the ultimate taste, you must not miss the sliced ​​jerky and emperor jerky. The sliced ​​jerky is made from pork hind leg meat, which is chewier and has an endless aftertaste than ordinary jerky. The emperor’s jerky is made from carefully selected high-quality pork belly and is marinated in a unique way. The overall taste is moderately soft and hard, tender and refreshing.

Osmanthus meat, another product of Zhengrou, is a traditional Chinese characteristic meat product made from minced pork, supplemented with auxiliary ingredients, without filling into casings, and fermented, dried and other processes.Other products such as bacon, sausages, sausages, etc. are made from selected raw materials. Osmanthus meat and bacon are also vacuum-shaped.Type packaging ensures that the quality is still online when the goods arrive.

In addition, Zhengrou King’s chicken floss and pork floss are suitable for all ages and are definitely the best choice for gift giving.

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