The recovery of the car market continues: registrations rose by 16.19% in November

The recovery of the car market continues: registrations rose by 16.19% in November

TURIN – In November in Italy 139,278 cars were registered with a growth of 16.19% on the same month of 2022. These are data from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. In the first eleven months the figure reached 1,455,271 with an increase of 20.1% over the same period in 2022. “We must not forget the drop of 18.1% over the same period in 2019 which had not yet been hit by the crisis triggered by the pandemic and all the other negative factors that followed it: from the war in Ukraine, to the shortage of essential components for the production of cars, to the reappearance of inflation on the world stage and now also from the conflict that exploded in Israel”, underlined by the Promotor Study Center of Bologna. As for the group Stellantisaccording to dataforce processing, Registrations in November grew by 9.8% from 37,155 to 40,808. Market share fell from 30.9% a year earlier to 29.3%. In the January-November period, sales rose by 10.1% from 429,460 to 472,415. Share went from 35.4% to 32.5%.

Once we reach November it is easy to make predictions for the whole of 2023. Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Centro Studi Promotor believes “that registrations will stand at 1,576,000. The pre-pandemic level, which was and is the objective to be achieved, therefore remains far away”. The November economic survey conducted by the Centro Studi Promotor on a representative sample of dealers, which will be presented on Tuesday in Milan, highlights that 2023 sales were essentially slowed down by three factors: the economic situation of families aggravated by the reduction of power purchasing due to inflation, the decidedly high levels reached by the price lists and the general economic situation. The situation for the sales of electric cars appears particularly critical, the share of which in Italy is close to 4% compared to 15.2% in Western Europe.

Unrae, the association of foreign producers, speaks on the issue of incentives: “Given the continuing delay in the energy transition, UNRAE reiterates the urgency of intervening on the current incentive scheme, through a provision that stops the press rumors and the wait-and-see attitude that has been created on the market, which is not reflected still in the registration data”, says president Michele Crisci, who is also number one at Volvo Italia. “This review – he explains – should provide for changes to the current rules, accepting Unrae’s requests to increase the price cap and extend the incentive to all companies with full bonuses, to make the same rules more usable, more targeted to European targets and useful for an accelerated renewal of the park”. Furthermore, the association also requests interventions on the tax regime of company cars in mixed use to relaunch the sector and to achieve a replacement of the fleet.

Anfia’s number one, Roberto Vavassori, underlines that “with the end of the year, the final balance of the 2023 car ecobonus shows a surplus of around 300 million euros, which, moreover, is added to the 250 million remaining from the ecobonus 2022 and not yet reallocated. A sign that the incentives for the purchase of green cars, also planned for 2024, must be remodeled and made more attractive for consumers, so that their choices are gradually oriented in the same direction as the mobility decarbonisation objectives that the EU has fixed”.

According to Motus-E, the electric car market in Italy is recovering, “but more incisive action is needed to limit the gap that separates us from the other major players in Europe”. In November, 7,966 new full electric cars were registered (+55.3% compared to November 2022), with the market share rising in the month to 5.7% from the 4.1% recorded in October (in November 2022 it was 4 ,3%). In the period January-November 2023, electric cars registered in Italy thus rose to 59,478, an increase of 33.6% compared to the first 11 months of 2022, with a market share of 4.1%, a slight increase compared to 3 .7% of the same period of 2022. The fully electric fleet in circulation stood at 217,422 units as of November 30th. Italy is the only large European country in which electric registrations are not taking off. The different trend is also clearly evident in the market share of electric cars in the first 10 months of 2023, “which now sees us permanently behind Spain. In fact, in France it is 16%, in Germany 18%, in Italy 3.9%, in Spain 5.3% and in the United Kingdom 16.4%”, says Motus-E which underlines how necessary that “the incentive systems inherited from previous governments must be remodeled as soon as possible to match the growth of electric that is already being recorded in the countries with which we must aspire to compete”.

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