“The restaurant offers to sweeten the memories of school love” – Kommersant FM

“The restaurant offers to sweeten the memories of school love” – Kommersant FM

Kommersant FM columnist Daria Tsivina talks about what special offers capital restaurants are preparing for lovers.

Today Moscow restaurants are celebrating Chinese New Year, but at the same time preparing for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. In the Middle Eastern restaurant Lira, for example, on February 14, couples in love are served a kebab-shaped cake made from brownie sponge cake with cream, pistachios and raspberries.

Grand Cafe “Dr. Zhivago” on this day offers to sweeten the memories of school love with nostalgic glazed cheese with scarlet chocolate icing and raspberry sauce. And in the Jan Primus restaurants, probably for the same psychotherapeutic purposes, they advise commemorating your first student love with a beer smoothie made from sour ale, strawberry puree and banana.

People also get nostalgic for their first love at the Capito restaurant, with fiery heart-shaped pizza with chorizo. At the Kislovsky restaurant, Valentine’s Day will begin early, from 7:30 to 18:00 on February 14, paired breakfasts, two huge plates of traditional morning dishes and a bottle of Italian prosecco are served here.

The “Love and Sweets” confectionery prepares a 3D cake in the form of a deck of cards with the saying “Be my Valentine.” And the Israeli bistro Bshushu will serve a Duple kiss cocktail all day long, with bourbon for him and sweet vermouth for her. Those who do not have a pair are invited to send the second part of the set to the next table, of course, only if there is also a single there.

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