The Russian economy is in the territory of positive growth – Kommersant

The Russian economy is in the territory of positive growth – Kommersant

First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Gita Gopinath said that the Russian economy is firmly “in positive growth territory.” She added that the IMF will assess the impact of the seizure of Russia’s frozen assets if it happens.

“You know, we are firmly in positive growth territory. It works better than we expected,” Ms. Gopinath said in an interview Foreign Policy.

In the material, she added that the IMF is not involved in the issue of using Russia’s frozen assets. The solution, as Gita Gopinath said, depends on the countries that hold them and the negotiations between them.

The IMF representative said that the use of assets must be legally justified. The Fund, she said, will assess the impact of this decision on IMF member countries and on the global economy if or when it is made.

Rosstat appreciated Russian economic growth in 2023 is 3.6%. The figure turned out to be higher than the estimate of the Ministry of Economic Development, which predicted growth at 3.5%. In 2024, as the ministry predicted, Russia’s GDP will grow by 2.3%. According to the International Monetary Fund, this year the Russian economy will increase by 2.6%, the World Bank – by 1.3%.

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