The size of the average mortgage loan in the Russian Federation increased by 6% over the year – Kommersant

The size of the average mortgage loan in the Russian Federation increased by 6% over the year – Kommersant

The average loan amount for the purchase of housing by the end of 2023 was 4 million rubles, by October 2022 it increased by 6%, said the head of the sales department of Square Meter Natalya Savvina on conferences, organized by Kommersant, VTB and the SRG group of companies. As Ms. Savvina said, the company compared the portraits of home buyers in 2013 and 2023 and came to the conclusion that price is no longer the most important factor when purchasing; now clients of banks and developers are more interested in an affordable monthly payment, as well as the infrastructure and delivery period of housing, if this is a new building.

As follows from a study conducted by the company, the average budget for purchasing housing in 2013 was 2–2.5 million rubles; by the end of this year it had grown to 5–8 million rubles. The buyer’s profile in 2013 was as follows: a specialist aged 35–40 with a higher education and an average income of 50 thousand rubles. per month, married. His priorities were the price of real estate and its transport accessibility. Social infrastructure interested him a little less, location was not important, housing in new buildings was bought mostly unfinished, in secondary buildings they agreed to “grandmother’s renovations”, apartments were more often bought in one-room apartments.

In 2023, the age limits of buyers have expanded – now it is 25-40 years old. Marital status and level of education have not changed; income now averages 80 thousand rubles. Price and transport accessibility are still important; renovation and a well-thought-out “life scenario” (modeling of residential and public space) have also become priorities; buyers also cite the presence of a “smart home” system as an advantage. More often they choose one-room apartments or euro two-room apartments.

Ms. Savvina also noted that real estate in apartment buildings is mainly bought by women. Individual housing construction is chosen by men, they are usually married, but they may not have children – this is a “program for growth,” the expert explained.

The head of the real estate lending directorate of the lending department for Moscow and the Moscow region of VTB, Sergei Padalka, also spoke about how demographics can affect the demand for real estate from the most massive category of buyers – aged 30–40 years. He also noted that the “revolution of loneliness” taking place in Russia – a process in which households increasingly consist of one person – is a driver of demand for real estate with a small area.

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