The Social Security notice about being (or not) up to date with payments

The Social Security notice about being (or not) up to date with payments

It is possible that when carrying out some administrative procedure you have been required to be up to date with Social Security payments by means of a certificate.

Simply put, being up to date with payments means that We do not have any debt with Social Security. To prove this situation, the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) is the entity that issues the corresponding certificate.

He Certificate of Contribution Status It is an official document that has the seals of the Government of Spain, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the TGSS. This document identifies the person or company requesting it, indicates the corresponding date and certifies the absence or existence of debts. In the first case, it is reflected that “There are NO pending claims for debts already due with Social Security”, while in the second the debts are listed and quantified.

This document is usually necessary to carry out various procedures, such as to access a subsidy or bonus, to participate in public contests or contracts, to request reductions or bonuses in fees, payment deferrals, etc. It may also be required for certain particular matters, such as the purchase of a property or a vehicle, in order to provide more guarantees to the seller.

As explained by the Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions, only those subjects obliged to pay contributions or other payments to this body. “That is: companies, which pay their monthly contributions and those of their workers, self-employed workers and small groups such as former self-employed domestic workers or self-employed agricultural workers,” the secretary indicates.

There is also the case of legal entities, such as communities of owners, associations either Non-profit entities, who have never registered workers with Social Security. For these cases, a Certificate of non-existence of registration as an entrepreneur is issued.

This certificate is generally valid for six months, although in certain circumstances it may be required to be more current.

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