The State Duma approved the return of damper payments to oil workers – Kommersant

The State Duma approved the return of damper payments to oil workers – Kommersant

State Duma deputies accepted in the third and final reading of the amendments, which from October will return the previous procedure for calculating damper payments for oil workers. The amendments are included in the budget-forming law introduced by the government along with the draft budget for two years.

Since September, the damper for oil workers has been adjusted. These measures reduced payments by 50%. However, due to the rise in exchange prices for fuel, it was decided to increase the coefficient again. It is expected that from October 1, 2023 inclusive, a coefficient of 1 will apply instead of 0.5.

The amendments also provide for a new calculation of the price of Russian Urals oil when determining the mineral extraction tax (MET) and an increase in the MET on condensate for Gazprom. The document proposes to calculate the price based on the arithmetic average of the price for deliveries to ports in the north-west and south of Russia, increased by the price of transportation by sea to Rotterdam and Mediterranean ports.

According to the agency Reuters, if the State Duma approves the amendments, about 0.4 trillion rubles will be spent on damper payments to oil refiners in January 2024. from the budget. Another 0.35 trillion rubles. the budget will lose due to reduced taxes on oil production.

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