The stock market gained 8 times in April of the last 10 years

The stock market gained 8 times in April of the last 10 years


When the performance of the BIST 100 index in April of the last 10 years is examined, the average of the 8 months with an increase was calculated as 5.31 percent, while the average of the 2 months with a decrease was 6.66 percent.

While the BIST 100 index exhibited its best April performance of the last 10 years in 2020 with a value gain of 12.79 percent, its worst performance was in 2018 with a decline of 9.26 percent.

Looking at the performances of the main indices in April of the last 10 years, it was observed that the industrial index increased in value 8 times in line with BIST 100, while services increased 7 times, financials increased 6 times and technology increased 5 times.

During these periods, industrial, service and technology indices exhibited their best performance in 2020, in line with the BIST 100 index, while the financial index recorded the strongest rise in 2022.

In April 2020, it was notable that the industrial index outperformed the BIST 100 index with a gain of 19.96 percent, the technology index 19.73 percent and the services index 14.68 percent, while the financial index made its strongest rise in 2022 with 13.10 percent.

The main indices recorded their worst performance in 2018, similar to the BIST 100 index. It was noteworthy that the financial index and the technology index decreased more than the BIST 100 index, with a decrease of 10.62 percent and 15.97 percent. During this period, the industrial index lost 5.64 percent and the service index lost 9.20 percent.

Taurus season is April

When we look closely at the April months of the last 5 years, it is seen that Borsa Istanbul has made its investors happy 4 times. It is noteworthy that during these periods, the transportation sector recorded an average monthly increase of 16.2 percent.

Analysts reminded that the banking sector, which has a high weight on the index, gained value 4 times in the same periods, pleasing its investors with an average increase of 8.08 percent.

In the relevant period, it is seen that BIST 100 had a negative closing only once in 2023, with a decrease of 4.05 percent in April last year, the transportation index with a decrease of 3.53 percent in 2021, and the banking index with a decrease of 7.33 percent.

Analysts stated that in addition to the pricing of expectations regarding the first quarter balance sheets to be announced, the food and beverage industry, which started to become active due to the warming weather, and the wedding and tourism season that started in this period, directly or indirectly mobilized the share prices of many companies.

Analysts noted that for these reasons, April is generally considered as the “time of bulls” in the stock market, and said that this situation can be understood when looking at the performances of the BIST 100 index in April.

While analysts warned that each period has its own conjuncture structure and may change, they reminded that this year April has started, when election uncertainty has disappeared, and companies will announce their balance sheets using the inflation accounting method.

When the April months of the last 5 years in Borsa Istanbul are examined in detail, it is noteworthy that 52 stocks outperformed the BIST 100 index at least 4 times. During this period, among the sector indices, the sectors that provided better average returns compared to the BIST 100 index in 4 of the last 5 years were transportation with 7.85 percent and financial leasing factoring with 2.04 percent.

Among the stocks that have provided better returns every year compared to the BIST 100 index in the last 5 years, the performance of Casa Emtia Petrol stands out, followed by MMC Sanayi ve Ticaret Yatırımlar, Pegasus, Ege Seramik, Ege Gübre and Ülker.

When looking at the stocks that performed better than the index in at least 4 of the April months of the last 5 years, according to the average return obtained, Ekiz Yağ ve Sabun Sanayi 98.56 percent, Otto Holding 40.52 percent, Pınar Et ve Un Sanayi 32.14 percent, Beşiktaş Football Investments Industry and Trade stood out with 24.88 percent and Altınyunus Çeşme Touristic Facilities with 24.02 percent.


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