The stock market started the week with a record: It reached 9,134 points

The stock market started the week with a record: It reached 9,134 points

At the opening, BIST 100 index increased by 88.25 points and 0.98 percent compared to the previous closing, reaching 9,134.22 points.

The banking index increased by 0.96 percent and the holding index increased by 1.03 percent. Among the sector indices, the biggest gainer was mining with 3.50 percent, while the biggest loser was sports with 0.41 percent.

Following a buyer-oriented trend on Friday, Borsa Istanbul’s BIST 100 index completed the day at 9,045.97 points with a 1.07 percent gain in value, achieving the highest daily and weekly closing of all time.

Analysts said that global stock markets started the week cautiously, which will be followed by a busy macroeconomic data calendar, especially inflation in the USA.

On the other hand, the strong demand for the borrowing auctions of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Turkey Wealth Fund and Eximbank held last week, together with the fact that the returns were well below the predictions, played an important role in the downward trend in Turkey’s 5-year credit risk premium (CDS). CDS started the week at 311 basis points.

Analysts stated that today the unemployment rate in the country and the treasury budget balance data in the USA will be followed abroad, and noted that technically, the 9,200 and 9,300 levels in the BIST 100 index are resistance, and the 9,100 and 9,000 points are in the support position.

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