The superyacht ‘Maltese Falcon’ arrives in La Luz and completes the Santa Catalina dock in luxury

The superyacht ‘Maltese Falcon’ arrives in La Luz and completes the Santa Catalina dock in luxury

The sailing superyacht ‘Maltese Falcon’ entered the port of Las Palmas this afternoon, drawing the attention of pedestrians crossing Avenida Marítima, due to its imposing figure, with three masts of 15 enormous sails, which at the time of entry were folded.

This is the second time this sailboat, which is the largest currently in use, has passed through Las Palmas. It was already there in 2007, when it made its maiden voyage the first time it crossed the Atlantic.

Created by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi in ​​2006, the vessel has undergone a renovation this summer that allows it to look completely new. Built for American billionaire Thomas Perkins, It can be rented weekly for a price of almost half a million dollars. The luxurious yacht It has three covers communicated with each other. The main one has 1,000 square meters. It has six cabins, one of them VIP and capacity for 12 people and 18 crew members.

In its hold it carries material for practicing almost all aquatic sports activities, such as diving sets, rafts, a six-meter submarine with capacity for two people…

The ‘Maltese Falcon’, which has the Maltese flag, will be in La Luz until Wednesday. It is docked at the Santa Catalina pier and shares a dock with the luxury yacht ‘Golden Odyssey’ that arrived this week and the luxury cruise ship ‘Sea Cloud II’. It is an opportunity to see these three luxurious vessels in the port of Las Palmas.

The commercial director of the Port Authority of Las Palmas, Juan Francisco García, points out that in these weeks we will see this type of boats in the port since it is the time for the passage of yachts to the Caribbean. The season ends in Europe and now they are heading towards America taking advantage of the winds and currents. “The Canary Islands are the natural transit area,” he says.

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