The transfer of Renfe Cercanías accelerates its arrival in Euskadi

The transfer of Renfe Cercanías accelerates its arrival in Euskadi

The Basque Minister of Public Governance and Self-Government, Olatz Garamendi, has stated today that the three transfers agreed with the central government – within the framework of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez – and scheduled for March could be completed this same month of February. The most relevant subject is Surroundings“in which everything is already detailed”, which is joined homologation of foreign titles and the competition of Immigrationnegotiated before the open debate in Catalonia.

Thus, the way for the lehendakari, Inigo Urkullucall the Basque regional elections is being cleared of ‘obstacles’ and is filled with objectives achieved. The approval of the Education Law and the Energy Transition and Climate Change Law will soon be joined by the transfer of these three transfers agreed with the central government to materialize in the month of March.

Counselor Olatz Garamendi has expressed her hope and confidence that these subjects can be transferred this February: Renfe suburban trains, homologation of foreign titles and skills in Immigration.

“I wouldn’t talk about a pre-agreement, but many meetings have been held and what I can say is that we have made a lot of progress. We have almost all detailed points“, said Garamendi. The three agreements will be definitive and not simple delegations of reversible powers and will have to be closed in the Mixed Transfer Commissionalthough first the technical presentations will be met to close the literality of said agreements.

Renfe will continue as operator

In the case of Renfe Cercanías, the Basque counselor has commented that the possibility of create a new Cercanías service in Álava, which until now only existed in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. Renfe will continue as operator on the current lines in the metropolitan area of ​​Bilbao and San Sebastián until 2028.

Another of the most advanced transfers is the homologation of foreign qualifications, which has great relevance to the shortage of doctors in Euskadi and the possibility of hiring non-EU professionals.

For its part, “there are more gaps, but it is also advancing at a good pace” in the Immigration competition, negotiated long before the debate opened in Catalonia. It is already defined that the State will retain its constitutional functions: permits, documentation, asylum and first reception, and that the autonomous community will manage the most social part of the arrival of migrants. “The objective is that the people welcomed in this second phase of autonomy can integrate into our society,” according to Garamendi.

About him rest of pending transfers to complete the Statute of Gernika, The agreed period is two yearswith the management of the Social Security economic regime among them.


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