The Treasury plans to return 629 million in the Canary Islands in the Income campaign

The Treasury plans to return 629 million in the Canary Islands in the Income campaign

The Tax Agency plans to enter 572 million euros in the Canary Islands in the 2023 Income campaign that starts this Wednesday, 3.6% more compared to the previous year, while the amount to be returned to taxpayers will be 4.2% lower. with 629 million.

While, in the whole of Spain, It expects to earn 18,908 million euros, 12.2% more than the previous year, and the amount to be returned will be 1.8% lower, with 11,650 million.

This Wednesday, April 3, the deadline has been opened to confirm or modify and submit online the Personal Income Tax return corresponding to the year 2023 (IRPF). The campaign will run until July 1, 2024, one day longer than usual, since June 30 falls on a Sunday this year.

It is expected that in this personal income tax campaign present a total of 23,281,000 declarations, 1.2% more than the previous year. Of that total, it is expected that almost 63% of them will give the right to a refund – 14,614,000, 3% less – for an estimated amount of 11,650 million euros.

On the other hand, it is estimated that taxpayers who have tax returns to enter there will be close to 7,092,000, 10.2% more, for an amount of 18,908 million. Like every year, these contributors will not make their first payments until the end of the campaign.

The Treasury will earn 2,200 million net more than the previous campaign

Thus, the net balance of this campaign will be positiveof about 7,258 million, compared to the 4,987 million of the previous year, 2,271 million more, according to the information presented at a press conference by the general director of the Tax Agency, Soledad Fernández.

Refering to taxation modality, A total of 19,993,079 individual declarations are expected, 1.6% more than last year, while 3,288,287 joint declarations are expected, which represents a decrease of 1.2% compared to the previous year.

61.4% more income from assets are expected

About the Wealth tax returnstotal income of 1,980 million euros is expected, 61.4% more than last campaign and 223,119 declarations are expected, 2.8% less.

This strong increase in Heritage collection is due, as pointed out Soledad Fernandezbecause some autonomous communities, such as Madrid, have incorporated changes in the bonuses they had in this tax to collect them through Heritage, instead of these amounts being entered through the Solidarity Tax of Great Fortunes, which it’s state

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