The uncertainty of labor reform slows down hiring ahead of Black Friday

The uncertainty of labor reform slows down hiring ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday is the starting signal for the Christmas campaign, based on consumption and subsequent offers already in January. To face the foreseeable increased activity, companies usually turn to temporary workers. On the labor front, Eurofirms Group experts point out that the hiring campaign is later than other years and companies are rushing as much as possible to sign these temporary workers.

According to the human resources company Randstad, it is estimated that by Black Friday 2023, companies will make 25,457 new additions to their workforces. This figure still stands at 11.7%, well below the 28,940 new jobs that were created in 2022 to cover the peak in demand in online sales businesses and companies.

With the data referring to the month of October almost complete, there is a greater demand for logistics profiles (10% more) or that the words ‘Black Friday’ be specified in the advertisement (17% more). On the contrary, workers focused on the sales section have less demand (9% less). Only from the ETT, Eurofirms Group, they are demanding up to 6,000 workers with logistics, retail or sales profiles.

The forecast of this ETT is that this year 2023, transport, unloading and replenishment workers will increase by 4,129 positions and clerks in stores and warehouses will increase by 6,410 positions.

“This forecast is based on real data, but we must bear in mind that we can only base it on the historical year 2022, since in previous years We did not have such a large volume of discontinuous permanent contracts that this year these new contracts will no longer be generated“, they explain to this medium.

The use of discontinuous fixed indefinite contracts means that many of these profiles do not generate a new contract. This is because, being in the call period, they already have a contractual relationship with the company and return to the activity without making a new signature. This formula causes fewer signing of contracts since its generalization with the last labor reform of Yolanda Díaz.

In any case, Randstad also points out that The general rise in prices and credit restrictions affect the dynamism of consumption. At the same time, campaigns such as Black Friday or Cybermonday are increasingly perceived with more reluctance by the consumer.

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