The useless border control hub between the UK and Europe

The useless border control hub between the UK and Europe


The UK had spent £24 million on the new customs checkpoint hub at Portsmouth International Port. Now, reports Sky News, it could be demolished due to the constant changes in rules at the border between the UK and the EU, which have made it largely useless. It is just the latest example of how the “United Kingdom seems to be without escape from the damage of Brexit”, as “Bloomberg” wrote a few days ago in a long and merciless analysis, despite almost 8 years having passed since the referendum which sanctioned the London’s farewell to the European Union.

“The EU economy is growing 2.3% more on an annual basis than the UK,” he writes Bloomberg, “and if we cumulate the data from 2016, the Union’s GDP grew by 24% compared to 6% in London. In the ten years preceding the referendum on Brexit, however, the average gross domestic product of the EU had lagged by 12 points compared to the UK”. Again according to Bloomberg estimates, British GDP will grow by 0.4% in 2024 and 1.2% in 2025. Data lower than those of 24 out of 27 European Union countries. While if we consider the GDP per capita, in this case too there is bad news for the British: since 2016 in the EU this has grown overall by 19% more than in the United Kingdom.

If we then take the unemployment rate, between 2011 and 2015 that of the EU increased from 1.3% to 4.6% more than that of the United Kingdom. After Brexit, this comparison value with the UK began to fall, down to 2.9%. Finally, regarding government bond issues, in 2023 the United Kingdom paid 2% more interest than the average of eurozone countries. The problem, according to Bloomberg, is that no one in the United Kingdom now dares to say they want to change Brexit or return to the EU, least of all Sir Keir Starmer’s Labor, which was heavily favored in this year’s elections.


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