The weekly energy bill in Milan reaches 27 euros

The weekly energy bill in Milan reaches 27 euros

The cold continues to affect the energy expenditure in Milan: families turn on their heating systems to cope with the drop in temperatures. And so there bill for a basic apartment between 11 and 17 November it is equal to 27 euros, one euro more than the value of detection priorities.

TO Rome and Palermo instead the expense is lower, users have not yet turned on the heating. The bill does not exceed 13 euros, given that the gas component is limited to consumption for domestic hot water.

The weekly report says so “Smart Building” by Energy&Strategy (E&S) Group of the Polytechnic of Milanwhich considered three regional capitals, showing how the amounts paid change moving from the North to the South of the country.

The analyzes relating to the city of Milan show the potential of energy efficiency interventions: in fact in one ‘smart’ homethe weekly bill is halved compared to the ‘base’ case, thanks to lower heating consumption due to thermal insulation and the greater efficiency of domestic systems. This generates a savings of 14 euros in seven days. Even in Rome and Palermo the bill is reduced by half compared to the ‘base’ case, stopping at seven euros.

By adding the savings obtained with those accumulated from the beginning of 2023, smart home users have set aside 417 euros in Milan, 372 euros in Rome and 323 euros in Palermo.

Graphic by Silvano Di Meo

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