The weekly energy bill is decreasing in Rome and Palermo

The weekly energy bill is decreasing in Rome and Palermo

Cala la energy expenditure weekly in Center It is in the Southern Italythanks to a improvement in weather conditions. Between February 24th and March 1st, the increase in temperatures favored a decrease in consumption and therefore the amounts paid in bill to Rome and Palermo are lower than those recorded in the previous survey.

In particular, the weekly expense for a basic apartment in the capital it is equal to 21 euros, while in the Sicilian city it is 18 euros: in the two regional capitals there is therefore a decrease in the bill of 16% and 18% respectively compared to the previous week.

Differently in the Nnorthern Italy the situation – both in terms of temperatures and energy expenditure – is stable compared to the last survey: the bill a Milan it is in fact equal to 27 euros.

The gap between the amounts paid in the different Italian areas is thus increasing: while last week the bill in Palermo was 20% lower than that of Milan, during the current week this difference has increased to 35%.

The weekly report says so “Smart Building” by Energy&Strategy (E&S) Group of the Polytechnic of Milanwhich considered three regional capitals, showing how the amounts paid change moving from the North to the South of the country.

The analyzes relating to one ‘smart’ home show the economic benefits in all areas of Italy deriving from energy efficiency measures, such as better thermal insulation from the outside and greater efficiency of heating systems. In particular, the expense is halved compared to the base case in Milan, generating a saving of 14 euros in seven days. In Rome the bill is instead equal to 11 euros (ten less than in the base case) while in Palermo it is ten euros (with a difference of eight euros compared to the base case):

By adding the savings obtained with those accumulated from the beginning of 2024, smart home users have set aside 146 euros in Milan, 107 euros in Rome and 79 euros in Palermo.

Graphic by Silvano Di Meo

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