There are 3 formulas on the table! What will be the minimum pension?

There are 3 formulas on the table!  What will be the minimum pension?

Millions of retirees in Turkey are waiting for news of their salary increase.

AKP’s President Erdoğan said for retirees, “We will take steps that will hopefully please them.” Minister of Labor Vedat Işıkhan also said that a new regulation would be made for pensions.

It was reported that bureaucrats of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance are making preparations and planning to hold a tripartite summit for pension studies.

According to Faruk Erdem’s report from Yeni Asır, Vice President Cevdet Yılmaz will meet with Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek and Minister of Labor Vedat Işıkhan.

The study, which will be finalized at the meeting expected to be held next week, will move on to the Parliament stage after being presented to Erdoğan.


Faruk Erdem’s article about pensions is as follows:

“Since the improvement and interim raise for retirees will be made by law, it will be submitted to the Parliament in October at the earliest. While retirees are waiting for the improvement to be added to the omnibus proposal to be submitted to the Parliament in October, it is stated that 3 topics were discussed in the study.

Here, formulas that will both increase the basic pensions and raise the minimum pension payment are on the table. The first formula is a proportional increase for all retirees. This increase can be reflected in the form of welfare share. Accordingly, an additional increase will be made to retirees who received a 25 percent raise along with the welfare share in July.

The second formula is considered as a linear increase in root salaries. Here, retirees whose basic salary was below 7,500 TL in July received a 25 percent raise and their basic salaries increased, but the money they received remained at 7,500 TL.


This situation will also be corrected. Here, it may also be possible to gradually increase the vertical increase. A step increase may be on the agenda, starting from the lowest salary.

The third formula involves increasing the base salary. As it is known, the base salary, which was 3,500 TL, was first increased to 5,500 TL and then to 7,500 TL.

The pensions of retirees who receive salaries below this amount are paid up to 7,500 TL. Here, the base salary is reached by providing Treasury support. An increase in the base salary will also increase the minimum salary retirees will receive. Thus, Treasury support will be increased and an improvement will be made to retirees. The figure spoken here is 10 thousand lira.


On the other hand, adding a welfare share to the inflation increase in January is also on the agenda. In the calculations made with the 654 percent inflation forecast in the Medium Term Program, the 6-month inflation is over 30 percent.

Accordingly, while the inflation increase for SSK and Bağ-Kur retirees is at this rate, the raise for civil servants and civil servant retirees exceeds 49 percent with the increase in the collective bargaining agreement. It is also envisaged that with an increase in the welfare share here, the pension raise for all retirees will exceed 50 percent.


Apart from all these studies, another issue on the agenda is giving bonuses to retirees on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic. It is stated that a study has been carried out on this issue and that the bonus amount planned to be paid one-time should be at least 5 thousand liras.

Turkish Pensioners Association called for this amount to be 10 thousand liras. “If the decision to give bonuses is taken, the regulation will be sent to the Parliament as an omnibus bill in October.”

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