There is at least a 300 percent increase in internet prices

There is at least a 300 percent increase in internet prices

It is necessary to pay at least 250 lira for the cost of connecting home internet or to renew an expired commitment.

Published: 09.12.2023 – 14:37



Nowadays, everyone has a good or bad internet connection at home. But prices are increasing day by day. Those whose two-year or 18-month internet contract period has expired face a high price shock. A citizen using internet at a speed of 35 Mbps will pay at least 349 TL in the new period, and the bill will increase to 410 TL in the second year. If the same user prefers 100 Mbps, this time he has to pay 485 lira at a discounted price. The cost of fiber internet up to 1000 Mbps without commitment is up to 1400 TL, and the price of internet up to 12 Mbps is 585 lira.


According to the 2022 results of the Household Budget Survey; Communication takes a 3.1 percent share in the consumption expenditures of households across Turkey. Communication expenditures outpace health and education expenditures. According to calculations, households in Turkey allocate a budget of around 5,500 TL annually for communication. On the Şikâyetvar website, there are around 6 thousand complaints about price increases in home internet alone, and more than 83 thousand complaints about general home internet problems. Most of the complaints are about price increases exceeding 300 percent applied at the end of the commitment period.


In the complaint written by a user, “An increase of more than 300 percent has been applied for home internet. He expressed his rebellion by saying, “While more affordable tariffs are offered to new users, this incredible increase applied to us, old users, is not fair at all.”

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