There will be abundance this year too

There will be abundance this year too

Minister of Commerce Ömer Bolat met with market tradesmen in Istanbul. Bolat, who visited Bayrampaşa Vegetable Fruit Market and Mega Center Wholesalers Site early yesterday morning with Istanbul Governor Davut Gül; He visited the shops, got information from the tradesmen and listened to their demands. Then, Bolat came together with the members of the Istanbul Halder Association (HALDER) and stated that all relevant bureaucrats participated in the market visit and that they were here to listen to the demands and produce solutions for them.


Drawing attention to the meaning and importance of food trade for the world, Bolat explained that markets are meaningful places for both producers and consumers. Noting that they took note of the allocation right and on-site transformation issues conveyed to him by Bayrampaşa market tradesmen, Bolat said, “We are not just here for a dry visit, we are here to listen to you. We are with you, at your service. There is no distinction between us and you, we are you. “Our duty is to serve you and try to solve your problems,” he said.


Emphasizing that Turkey is the leader in Europe and the 7th in the world in agricultural production, Bolat said, “We had a good year in our agricultural production in 2023. There was no shortage or shortage of any product, and there were no abnormal zigzags, jumps, price behavior disorders or sudden increases in prices. “Our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and his team and the Ministry of Commerce and his team are working in a very harmonious and coordinated manner, side by side, like twin brothers,” he said.

Reminding that 2023 will be a year of abundance in the food sector, Bolat continued as follows: “2024 gives hope for a year in which production will be abundant in the agriculture and food sector, there will be no shortage, and prices will be reasonable and balanced. Even though it is winter, there will be no problems.” “There is no product, and we will be able to see more reasonable prices.”


Bolat explained that they do not and will not allow sudden price increases this year for many products such as sunflower oil, olive oil, tomato paste, potatoes and tomatoes, which are the most basic products on the table. Stating that they have actively managed the price point by taking production, export and import figures into account in basic product prices, Bolat said, “We will show it like this from now on. The month of Ramadan is upon us. “I believe that our tradesmen, producers and traders will be extremely sensitive about the price increase during Ramadan and will ensure that our citizens can eat food products without any price increase,” he said.

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