These are the five businesses that generate the most profits in 2024, according to Bill Gates

These are the five businesses that generate the most profits in 2024, according to Bill Gates

For the “key” investments for this 2024 cycle we have to listen to two business leaders like Warren Buffett and his colleague Bill Gates. There is a reason they are considered two of the largest fortunes in the world; one for Berkshire Hathaway and the other for having founded Microsoft.

Gates is a reference for personal finance, savings, economic crisis, recession and inflation. The knowledge of the founder of Microsoft is such that any type of advice he gives us must be listened to carefully. Especially if he is aware of the current businesses that generate the most profits and that could lead us to business success, but always with environmental nod.

This is how we enter the Gate Notes, or the blog of his notes, where the philanthropist also shares his interest and the importance of AI, business and investments, but, above all, what has to do with climate change and the end of polluting emissions. About this last item, you can read in its last message on the World Climate Action Summit (COP28)where the tycoon calls to invest in innovations that “save and improve the greatest number of lives.”

The 5 sectors of climate investment

Gates noted in the document that there are five sectors where to direct climate investment: construction, manufacturing, energy, agriculture and transportation. “We must reach zero emissions in each one to meet our climate objectives,” said the businessman.

In it breakdown of each sectorGates noted that in the sector manufacturer We are on the right path to making steel with electricity instead of coal. The buildings and buildings They are becoming more eco-friendly. The sector of transport continues to take great strides towards electrification. In agriculture, a company has developed microbes as a fertilizer. And the growth of the energy It goes hand in hand with the creation of next-generation nuclear power plants like TerraPower in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

“To the invest in innovation that works for everyone, we will not only keep the planet habitable. We will make it a better place to live,” Bill Gates stated in the document.

The other two “key” investments for Gates

For Bill Gates there is no money better spent than that directed to the training and education. In this way, the billionaire argues that these two are the main and most important investments of any person. “Key” aspects, if it is considered that they are applied to the impact of AI and the innovation that Gates predicts for 2024.


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