These are the main news of the Income Campaign

These are the main news of the Income Campaign


This Wednesday, April 3, the Rent Campaign in which nearly 23 million taxpayers will be able to submit their Personal Income Tax (IRPF) declaration until July 1. They can only be submitted electronically: through the Tax Agency website (, through its ‘Tax Agency’ mobile application or by requesting preparation by telephone or at the Treasury offices.

Forced to declare

Taxpayers who obtain income from work greater than 22,000 euros if they come from a single payer or greater than 15,000 euros (previously it was 14,000 euros) are required to file a declaration if they have two or more payers and receive more than 1,500 euros from the second and remaining payers.


The main novelty is that this year all self-employed workers, regardless of their income level, must file the declaration. The percentage of deduction for expenses that are difficult to justify rises from 5% to 7%, with a maximum of 2,000 euros. For the self-employed in the module regime, the general reduction on the net performance of the modules increases from 5% to 10%. In addition, self-employed workers who work from home will have a 30% deduction for supply costs related to their activity.

Pension plans

Contributions to pension plans reduce the tax base. In the case of individual plans, only 1,500 euros can be deducted, which rises to 8,500 euros for joint contributions with the company.

living place

Homeowners who rent are entitled to a 60% reduction in rental income. This reduction will change for future rental campaigns. The housing law reduces it to 50% in general, although it can reach 90% if the rental price drops in new lease contracts signed as of January 1, 2024 in stressed areas. Tenants should check if there is a deduction in personal income tax for rent in their autonomous community. On the other hand, in 2023, personal income tax deductions have been extended for housing rehabilitation that involves better energy efficiency. The deduction is 1,000 euros for reducing the demand for heating and cooling and 3,000 euros in works to improve non-renewable primary energy consumption or in the rehabilitation of residential buildings.

Maternity deduction

Working mothers with children under three years of age are entitled to a deduction of 1,200 euros per year (it can also be received as a check for 100 euros per month). This year the limit that the deduction could not exceed the total Social Security contributions made by the mother has been removed. In addition, there is another additional 1,000 euros of deduction for daycare expenses.

Electric car deduction

New electric vehicles purchased from June 2023 give the right to deduct 15% of the acquisition value up to a maximum price of 20,000 euros. You can also deduct 15% on a maximum base of 4,000 euros for the installation of a charging point.

Work performance

The 2023 Budget Law increased the maximum amount of the reduction for work income, which goes from 5,565 euros per year to 6,498 euros per year for incomes less than 14,047 euros; For work income between 14,047 and 19,747 euros, the reduction will be a variable amount less than those 6,498 euros and the Treasury program will calculate it automatically. The threshold of net work income that allows this reduction to be applied has been raised from 16,825 euros to 19,747 euros. You do not have to declare income from work abroad in non-Spanish companies up to 60,100 euros, but for this there must be a tax similar to personal income tax in that country or an agreement with Spain to avoid double taxation. And an exemption from work income derived from the delivery of shares or participations in emerging companies to their workers is incorporated, with a maximum limit of 50,000 euros.

Savings income

A new section has been introduced in the tax scale for income from capital or savings starting at 300,000 euros with an applicable tax rate of 14% and the rate in the previous section from 200,000 to 300,000 euros has been raised to 13%. at 13.5%.

Support services

Starting on May 7, the Treasury will provide a telephone service for preparing declarations and starting June 3 it will be done in person at the offices of the AEAT or other administrations. Always by appointment, which can be ordered online ( or by phone (91 535 73 26 / 901 12 12 24).


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