They work as a side job: day worker, evening waiter

They work as a side job: day worker, evening waiter

Workers affiliated with the Turkish Harb-İş Union, to which million-dollar national ammunition was delivered, cannot make ends meet. Trained and experienced workers who have to do additional work are also transitioning to the private sector.

Published: 13.02.2024 – 04:00



Turkish Harb-İş Union Eskişehir and Istanbul branches wanted to make a press statement in Ankara Ulus on Saturday. However, workers were not allowed to enter Ankara en masse, and it was stated that only 10 people could pass through. The workers, who wanted to go all together, did not accept this. Workers from Eskişehir were able to make a press statement in Temelli.

Workers working in military factories where the maintenance and repair of million-dollar F-16 and F-4 aircraft are carried out reported that they had to do additional work because they could not make ends meet. Turkish Harb-İş Union Eskişehir Branch President Hasan Atak stated that they are the only authorized organization for the integration of national munitions into combat aircraft in the Air Forces Command inventory and said: “Workers cannot get along. “They either resign and move to the private sector, or they retire even though they don’t want to,” he said. Pointing out that there are workers who do additional work, Atak said, “Workers cannot make ends meet. There is a waiter in the evening. “You force the people to whom you deliver million-dollar aircraft engines to do additional work,” he said. He stated that trained and experienced workers working in military workplaces either resign and move to private companies or retire against their will due to financial difficulties, and that this situation will endanger the future of military factories.


  • The increase given to retirees, minimum wage earners and civil servants should be given to us as well, bringing the increase to 49.25 percent.
  • Let’s raise the price by 12 thousand liras. This includes education, seniority, etc., starting from at least 20 percent. be increased upwards according to the criteria.
  • Professional and personal rights should be improved.
  • The injustice in income tax should be eliminated. The rate should be fixed at 15 percent in order to receive the same wage in December as we received in January.

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