This is what maternity and paternity leave will be like in 2024

This is what maternity and paternity leave will be like in 2024

Monday, February 12, 2024, 11:44

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In Spain, the duration of maternity and paternity leave varies according to the circumstances of each worker. It was not until 2021 when maternity leave was equal to paternity leave and now in 2024 new changes have been approved.

Last December, the Minister of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda, Pablo Bustinduy, announced the new measures related to family conciliation. Doubts may arise about the duration and other conditions, but we will tell you the keys and points that you should know:

Paternity and maternity leave: extension and remuneration

From this year 2024, fathers and mothers who have a child will have an extension in the time of their birth permits. That is, the maternity and paternity leave in 2024 They will be 20 weeks compared to 16 before.

This change has been made with the aim of meeting the baby’s needs and strengthening the family bond during these important moments for the newborn. In addition, it also reinforces parental presence and helps families when taking care of their children.

Another novelty regarding paternity and maternity leave is that the paid leave for fathers and mothers may be extended until the new member of the family turns 8 years old, offering financial compensation of half of this period of time. that is, 4 weeks.

By granting greater flexibility and adaptation over time to use this permission, it will be much easier for parents to adapt to the new family situation and in this way, both spouses can play a relevant role in the development of their children.

New Family Law

In addition to announcing the new measures on paternity and maternity leave, the minister also emphasized the urgency of approving the Family Law. This law advocates addressing several issues that have directly to do with the family system, conciliation and equality. The Government’s purpose with this new law is to equalize opportunities and guarantee equality, with measures and policies that reinforce the protection of rights and gender equality.

When do the new maternity and paternity leaves for 2024 come into force?

According to the Government, their legislative processing will take place this month and, in accordance with the European commitment, they will come into force before August 1. The way to request these permits can be through different channels:

– Online: online, through the Social Security electronic headquarters, as long as you have a digital certificate, electronic DNI or the Cl@ve system. Furthermore, although some more steps would have to be followed online, it can be done without a digital certificate.

– In person: by appointment and at the Social Security Care and Information Centers.

– Mail: in this case, you must download the form according to the work permit that you want to request, fill it out and send it to the Social Security address of the province where you currently reside.

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In short, with all these innovative measures, and as we have already commented, the Government advocates greater conciliation and family involvement of both parents in such an important phase for the development of their children.

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