This sector is recruiting: the armies are targeting 1,000 positions for cybersecurity

This sector is recruiting: the armies are targeting 1,000 positions for cybersecurity

“The Comcyber (cyber defense command)that’s already 4,000 people and we are going to recruit 1,000 more by 2030. So yes, the Cybersecurity has been a real subject for us for a long time. » Major General Aymeric Bonnemaison immediately sets the scene when it comes to discussing the strategic service for which he is responsible and in particular the employment issues.

“There are lots of different statuses to join us. You can be an officer under contract, an officer commissioned for a period of three years renewable once, a non-commissioned officer under contract or commission and even simply a civilian on a fixed-term contract, permanent contract or with civil servant status, he explains. As for our missions, they are of three types. We have a first block which is computer protection and defense. It therefore encompasses the protection of services, information systems but also weapons systems. These are tasks that we carry out both in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) but also during operations elsewhere in France and even abroad. Afterwards, there is also the offensive computer fight part, a subject on which we necessarily want to be more discreet. The goal, however, is to gather intelligence or hinder our adversaries’ systems to allow our armies to act in the best conditions. Finally, the informational computer fight, particularly on social networks. It is about countering foreign maneuvers through semantics, messages, or counter-narrative as was the case with Russia in Africa recently. »

With such a broad spectrum, the military is looking for very varied skills. Technicians, analysts, hackers, experts, holders of BTSof a bachelorof a Master, graduates of an IUT or an engineering school are all welcome. “We are also looking for psychologists, linguists and digital marketing specialists,” specifies General Bonnemaison.

Positions all over France

The icing on the cake is that interested young people not only have access to cutting-edge technologies but can also choose between one of the three armies and therefore future places of assignment. “We are building career paths in Rennes and Paris, but also in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) or Lyon (Rhône) for the Army, in Lorient (Morbihan) or Toulon (Var) for the Navy. or even Mont-de-Marsan (Landes) or Orléans (Loiret) for Air, continues the boss of Comcyber. However, we have understood that from now on there will be a perpetual renewal of our workforce. People stay on average 5 to 6 years before leaving for civilian employment where their time in the army is very appreciated. I have the national fiber, so I prefer when they then work for French or European companies, because we must always fight against those who wish to weaken our interconnections and our society. »

Military personnel in charge of cybersecurity may be required to travel to the field during external operations such as here in Africa.

“Why did I choose cybersecurity? Quite simply because it is a rich and constantly evolving world. We’re touching on very specialized areas and it’s exciting. Our missions are varied and I work on a daily basis with experts, attacking the Vaisseau Joffrey brand, which will not give its name for obvious security reasons. I have access to innovative technology, which is not for civilians and I can even go abroad if necessary in Opex (external operation). It’s really very enriching. » At 25, this engineer by training is flourishing in his role… “cyber trainer”. He designs and carries out training for the teams of the Comcyberdifferent scenarios so that they can perfect their technique and expertise.

And General Bonnemaison concluded: “We are increasing our actions, including the operation Pass your hack first, which concerns some 5,000 high school students in France until mid-February. We give conferences in schools. Everything is good today to attract and show that cybersecurity is a real issue, real teamwork where team spirit is important. » So much so that the cyber defense command now even has its own page with its positions available on the Welcome to the jungle recruitment platform.

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