Thousands of bank employees demonstrate in the streets to demand salary increases

Thousands of bank employees demonstrate in the streets to demand salary increases

“Thousands” of bank employees they have manifested this Thursday through the streets of the center of Madrid to demand salary recovery and an improvement in their working conditions, according to estimates from the unions collected by Efe .

The workers’ representatives have been negotiating for weeks without success with the employers the renewals of their respective agreements and They demand salary increases of between 17 and 23% in three years“in line with the benefits of the sector”, which in the case of the five large banks were historic and exceeded 26,000 million euros.

In addition, the unions demand that the entities establish caps on interest on loans granted to staff in the face of the rise in the Euribor and apply significant measures to improve the “increasingly unsustainable” work environment, marked by commercial pressure, lack of staff, workloads and the impact on health.

As in these negotiations with the employers they have not achieved any progress, the unions chose to call a mobilization this Thursday in the center of Madrid.

For CCOO, the majority union in the financial sector, the demonstration has been a “resounding success”, as it has managed to bring together more than 3,000 union delegates; and, he warns, that it is the beginning of an escalation of conflict because, apart from this protest, On February 26 there will be a partial strike and on March 22, “if there are no improvements at the negotiating tables”, a 24-hour strike.

For SECB-Fine, the social responsibility of entities must begin with respect for the staff who are the true creators of the benefits achieved.

“This demonstration is consequence of the immobility of the employers to bring together the positions that we believe are consistent with the economic situation, the loss of purchasing power and the historical benefits of the sector,” said Begoña Peiró, president of SECB-Fine.

In his opinion, faced with an “unbreathable” work environment, the result of so many years of crisis and restructuring of the financial sector, the workforce says “enough is enough” and demands measures to alleviate “the brutal pressure” to which they say they are “subjected.”


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