To polish the background of finance serving the people, Taiping Life actively carried out the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” activities

To polish the background of finance serving the people, Taiping Life actively carried out the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” activities


  Recently, the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau has“Puju Financial Services Benefit thousands of enterprises and households“” as the theme, launched the first “Inclusive Financial Promotion Month” action.

  Taiping Liferesponse activelycall to arms,Guided by the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and with the goal of making a solid contribution to inclusive finance, we will summarize the results and experience of promoting inclusive finance in the past ten years, organize and carry out special activities for inclusive finance in various forms, and strive to improve the people’s The sense of gain and happiness promotes the sustainable and balanced development of the financial industry.

  Strengthen the promotion of inclusive finance Enhance people’s sense of gain

  In order to do a good job in the special publicity work of inclusive finance, Taiping Life Insurance has linked up its head office and branches, combined online and offline, and widely published articles in the official micro-column of the official website to popularize financial knowledge and publicize policies that benefit the people; at the same time, it organized institutions at all levels to conduct publicity at front-line business outlets , through promotional banners,LED display,Scroll broadcast on TV and other diverse carriersThe theme slogans such as “Inclusive financial services, benefiting thousands of enterprises and households” will expand the coverage and influence of the “Inclusive Financial Promotion Month” series of activities. For example, Taiping Life Insurance Yunnan Branch arranged counters at a total of 22 business outlets of 10 institutions in the province, played event information, displayed themed posters through electronic horizontal screens, and promoted and introduced inclusive financial knowledge, products and services to consumers. Service; carry out the “General Manager Reception Day” activity, receive one-on-one inquiries from visiting customers,Listen to the voices of special groups such as the elderly and answer customer questions,Take multiple measures toThe “Promotion Month” activities create a positive and good atmosphere.

  Enrich the supply of inclusive financial products Help improve the multi-level social security system

  Taiping Life insistsThe original intention of “insurance is protection” is to actively participate in the people’s livelihood security system. In view of the key areas of inclusive insurance, Taiping Life vigorously develops seven categories of products: welfare insurance, urban and rural residents’ critical illness, protection for specific groups, pension insurance, Internet exclusive, special medicine and special equipment, short-term health and accidental gift insurance, to improve people’s resistance to risks. Ability.

  In order to improve the multi-level medical security system, build an integrated development model of medical insurance and health insurance, and improve the level of citizens’ medical security,Taiping Life sinceSince 2020, we have successively participated in eight projects in Nantong, Jiangsu, Yulin, Baise, Guilin, Beihai, Guangxi, etc.Huiminbao projectas ofBy the end of 2023, the company’s people’s welfare project had benefited approximately 2.515 million people.

  In order to give full play to the role of inclusive life insurance in protecting people’s livelihood, Taiping Life actively develops inclusive protection insurance products for the elderly, new citizens, and low-income populations.Cumulative development over the past ten yearsThere are 10 protection products for specific groups of people, 4 of which are currently on sale. Among them, comprehensive accident insurance and medical insurance are developed for the elderly. The two products will underwrite more than 30,000 cases in 2023, with total premiums exceeding 90 million yuan, protecting more elderly consumers’ healthy lives; targeting new citizens and low-income people The crowd has launched medical insurance products with lower insurance thresholds, covering people without social security and providing flexible and low-threshold basic risk protection; in order to expand the coverage of the insured population, exclusive medical insurance has also been launched for people with chronic diseases.

  Over the years, Taiping Life Insurance has insisted on in-depth visits and surveys, visiting communities, companies and villages. Countless insurance agents are running in the fields and shuttling in the streets and alleys to fully understand the immediate needs of the people, popularize and promote diversified, affordable, and Insurance products with easy-to-understand terms have continuously strengthened the role of commercial insurance in family risk prevention and medical protection in China.

  Actively assume social responsibility Strong support for rural revitalization

  As a member of a central enterprise in insurance and finance, Taiping Life has always kept in mind the responsibilities and responsibilities of a central enterprise, improved its political position, practiced the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, and continued to actively assist rural revitalization through consumption, medical and industrial assistance, and has been well received It has been highly praised by the local people and the government.

  In Liangdang, Gansu and Lu’an, Anhui, Taiping Life introduced shareholder Fujie’s funds to build local infrastructure and promote local environmental improvement; in Tuchengzi Township, Inner Mongolia, Taiping Life contributed to the construction of practical skills training centers for farmers and herdsmen to help improve the skills of farmers and herdsmen. , to cultivate a group of farmers and herdsmen in the new era; across the country, Taiping Life Insurance agencies responded to the call of local governments and actively supported rural revitalization efforts in various places. There were many highlights in assistance measures such as party building, donating infrastructure, and condolences to people in need.

  Taiping Life will use this“Inclusive Financial Promotion Month” is an opportunity to continuously improve the level of inclusive financial services and provide higher-quality products and services to meet the deep-seated needs of the broad masses of people and various market entities in pursuing a better and happier life and developing new productive forces. Promote the high-quality development of inclusive finance so that the results of financial development can benefit all people more and more equitably.


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