Tongdun Technology shares privacy computing experience and helps formulate data security standards for financial large models

Tongdun Technology shares privacy computing experience and helps formulate data security standards for financial large models


With the rapid development of financial technology, technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence are increasingly used in the financial field. How to effectively utilize this data while ensuring data security has become the focus of the industry. As a pioneer in the field of privacy computing, Tongdun Technology recently shared its rich experience in privacy computing, providing strong support for the formulation of data security standards for financial large models. This not only reflects Tongdun Technology’s high sense of responsibility in data security and privacy protection, but also points out a new direction for data applications in the financial industry.

On the afternoon of March 20, Li Shulin, director of the Talent Center of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited Yuhang District for investigation. Liu Zhiyi, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and others attended, accompanied by the District Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The research team came to Tongdun Technology Co., Ltd., visited the company’s exhibition hall, listened to the achievements made in the company’s technology, products, patents, industry layout, etc., as well as shared the latest application cases of artificial intelligence technology and held discussions.

At the symposium, the research team conducted in-depth exchanges with the person in charge of Tongdun Technology on how to improve the digital literacy of social personnel and service organizations. Tongdun Technology shared its experience in establishing an artificial intelligence ethics committee and participating in digital economy-related training exchanges in Yuhang District, analyzing existing services and future development plans, as well as campus talent and social talent recruitment initiatives.

As the digital transformation of the financial industry accelerates, financial institutions are deploying large models. However, while large-scale financial models are developing rapidly, they are also facing challenges from data security and privacy compliance. In this context, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology took the lead in formulating the “Trusted Execution Environment Technical Requirements for Large Model Training and Inference Data Protection” standard. As an important editor, Tongdun Technology actively shared its technical theories and business practices in the fields of privacy computing and financial large models, integrated its own experience into the standard framework, and conducted multiple rounds of discussions with many industry experts and enterprises to jointly discuss the future of financial services. Address challenges such as data security, interpretability, and timeliness in scenarios to accelerate the application of large models in the financial field.

The research team spoke highly of Tongdun Technology’s achievements in artificial intelligence, anti-fraud and trade secret protection, affirmed the company’s sound organizational system, and hoped that Tongdun Technology would establish a digital professional certification system and participate in Use digital talent training courses and explore the establishment of research and study bases to actively attract and cultivate talents and export their own capabilities to the social soil for talent development.

With the rapid development of information technology, digitalization has become the key to enterprise transformation and upgrading and enhancing competitiveness. For private enterprises, the improvement of digital literacy is not only an urgent need to cope with market competition, but also an important guarantee for achieving sustainable development. The Yuhang District Federation of Industry and Commerce will actively play the role of the Digital Economy and Digital Business Special Committee as a platform to further promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy, strengthen the construction of digital economy platforms, empower private enterprises in their digital transformation, and promote a new wave of digital economy in Yuhang District.

By sharing privacy computing experience, Tongdun Technology has contributed wisdom and strength to the formulation of data security standards for financial large models. In the future, as privacy computing technology continues to mature and the financial industry’s demand for data security increases, we have reason to believe that Tongdun Technology will continue to leverage its advantages in the field of privacy computing to help the financial industry build a more secure and efficient Data application ecology promotes the healthy and sustainable development of financial technology.


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