Trains, Monday 8-hour strike of three basic acronyms. Risks for commuters

Trains, Monday 8-hour strike of three basic acronyms.  Risks for commuters

ROME – A Monday at risk – February 12th – for those traveling by train. The national strike of railway workers could cause inconvenience, especially for commuters proclaimed by Cub, Usb, Sgb and the self-organised railway workers.

The grassroots unions support their demands through the strike in view of the renewal of the national contract for the sector.

The 8 hour stop, from 9am to 5pmwill concern all companies in the sector: not only Gruppo Fs, Trenitalia, but also Trenord, Sad and Trentino Trasporti, Trenitalia Tper (in Emilia) and finally Italo.

Passengers and cargo

The workers in passenger transport, freight transport and will be crossing their arms maintenance workers as well as those working on fixed systems.

Trenitalia – which lists guaranteed trains – expects that Frecciarossa and Intercity will travel regularly. Much more likely limitations or cancellations of regional trains.

Even Italo – which warns of possible inconveniences and slowdowns – publishes a list of guaranteed trains.

The claims

One of the acronyms in the field – Usb – lists the demands, including salary ones:
– increases of 18% on the contractual minimum,
– 50% increases on professional salary,
– increase in seniority increments from 7 to 14,
– increase in all skills stopped in 2003,
– reduction of working hours to 36/32 hours per week,
– the recognition of strenuous work for the railway workers in the operation

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