Transfer of the Superbonus credit, the regions will be able to take charge of it: what changes – WWN

Transfer of the Superbonus credit, the regions will be able to take charge of it: what changes – WWN

The Council of Ministers decided not to challenge law no. 20 of 16 July 2023 of the Basilicata Region relating to the circulation of tax credits for energy efficiency of the building stock. The law in question intends to unblock tax credits deriving from the Superbonus and other construction bonuses, giving the possibility of purchasing stranded credits to regional public economic bodies with a predominantly economic character or to investee companies.

The government considers the law consistent with the national legislative framework

The Basilicata Region, led by the centre-right, has thus found support in the Meloni government, which in fact supports the corrective instrument to overcome the phase of uncertainty linked to the building bonuses. As mentioned, this involves the purchase of tax credits by public economic bodies and companies owned by the Region which, in addition to the recent green light from the Ministry of Economy and Finance which excluded constitutional observations, is considered by the government to be consistent with the national legislative framework.

A principle has been established

The law of Basilicata establishes a principle, compatible with the prohibition on the transfer of credits: the Region and the regional public economic bodies and/or investee companies controlled by it not included in the list of public administrations assume an active role in the circulation of the credits deriving from building renovations. The Region, therefore, promotes the purchase of credits through its public bodies and to start disposing of them. Now, the Basilicata model can also be copied by other Regions, which – regardless of the political party – will not find any impediments, thanks to the CDM’s decision.

The discussion with the Revenue Agency will soon take place

According to the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Regional Council, Tommaso Coviello, as well as the proponent of the regional law, with it Basilicata, the first Region in Italy and a model to be replicated, will be able to give an immediate response to the businesses and citizens of our territory . In the next few days – he added – we will participate in an important discussion with the Revenue Agency in Rome to evaluate some organizational aspects of the implementation phase, not least an agreement, then we will make sure to make known the advantages of the rule, also establishing a specific assistance service for businesses.

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