Türk-İş: Anyone who touches severance pay will get burned

Türk-İş: Anyone who touches severance pay will get burned

Türk-İş, which declared the employee’s right to severance pay as a “red line”, unanimously accepted two separate proposals prepared on this issue. It was announced that if the severance pay was violated, Türk-İş would put up any kind of struggle, including a strike.

Published: 02.12.2023 – 03:00



One of the important items at the 24th Ordinary General Assembly of Türk-İş was the issue of seniority. Council President Cemail Bakındı invited the delegates to stand up during the voting of the consecutive motions and said, “This is our honor.”

Both motions were accepted unanimously, accompanied by applause. He emphasized that Turkish business circles bring seniority to the agenda in every crisis period, therefore this decision was taken to strengthen the opposing attitude.

The following decisions were taken at the general assembly:

  • Severance pay is the red line of Türkiye’s working class and Türk-İş. It is determined to use all legitimate means, including a general strike, against attempts to transfer, evacuate, usurp or weaken the fund, until results are achieved.
  • Türk-İş is determined to fight to eliminate the ceiling limitation on severance pay, to expand the right to severance pay, to pay severance pay for all types of job terminations, including services of less than one year, and to legally guarantee the payment of compensation to the worker in case of workplace bankruptcy.

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