Ülker will welcome Ramadan Feast with 67 products

Ülker will welcome Ramadan Feast with 67 products


Ülker Marketing Chief Executive (CMO) Mustafa Kabakçı, whose views were included in the statement made by the company, stated that they will offer their products to consumers at very affordable prices during Ramadan Feast.

Kabakçı said, “With the new products we added to our portfolio, we prepared a total of 67 gift and treat products for Ramadan Feast, 35 in chocolate and 32 in confectionery. We added 16 new products to our portfolio this year.” he said.

Stating that “Ülker Ece” and “Çikolatin” will continue to be among the classic choices of consumers for the holiday this year, Kabakçı said that Ülker Laviva took its place on the shelves in gift box and bag format, and Ülker Chocolate Truffle with hazelnut particle milk and cocoa cream, He stated that he will add flavor to the holiday for the first time with dark chocolate pouring and gift box varieties.

Emphasizing that milk chocolate with coconut boucle and rice puffs will also take its place during the holiday visits, Kabakçı gave the following information:

“In confectionery, we will offer Ülker Lokumcuk, with its soft texture and various fruit flavors, to our consumers with its new gift box and cherry flavor. We will introduce our toffe-loving consumers with this year’s new trend, lemon cool ‘cool lime’ flavor. In addition, those who want to send gift products to their loved ones can do their shopping.” “We also offer a wide range of product options in e-commerce and online channels for our consumers who prefer to shop online or cannot go on holiday visits.”

Ülker is the leader in holiday chocolate

Kabakçı evaluated the consumption of gift and treat chocolate and confectionery during the holiday period last year.

Pointing out that the gift and treat chocolate and confectionery market in Turkey has increased to approximately 35 thousand tons and 4 billion lira in 2023, Kabakçı said, “There was a 104 percent increase in turnover in the gift and treat chocolate market alone. 61 percent were packaged and 39 percent were bulk products. The treat confectionery market reached a total turnover of 1.9 billion liras with a 96 percent increase in turnover. In 2023, as Ülker, it will have a 41.3 percent market share in chocolate turnover. “Our leadership continues. According to the Ipsos Turkey 2023 research results, we are also happy that Ülker is the most purchased chocolate brand when going as a guest during the holidays.” made his assessment.

Marmara ranks first in chocolate, East and Southeast rank first in confectionery.

Kabakçı also gave information about the regional distribution of holiday chocolate and candy.

Stating that the Marmara Region ranked first in gift and treat chocolate sales with 32 percent last year, Kabakçı shared the following information:

“In the chocolate sales ranking, Marmara was followed by Central Anatolia with 22 percent and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions with 16 percent. The most treat confectionery is consumed in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia are again at the top of this list with a share of 36 percent.” These regions were followed by Marmara with 21 percent, Central Anatolia with 18 percent, Aegean with 11 percent, Mediterranean with 10 percent and Black Sea with 5 percent.


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