Unemployment in the Canary Islands fell by 4,686 people in March

Unemployment in the Canary Islands fell by 4,686 people in March


The registered unemployment fell in March in the Canary Islands by 4,686 people2.76 percent in relation to the previous month, while in interannual terms it has decreased by 18,347 people, that is, 10.00%, according to data released this Tuesday by the Ministry of Labor.

At the end of the third month of 2024, The Canary Islands counted 165,044 unemployedof which 85,772 belonged to the province of Las Palmas, where this indicator fell in the last month by 2,230 people, 2.53%, while another 79,272 were from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where unemployment has fallen by 2,456 people , 3.01%.

By provinces, The year-on-year decrease in unemployment is 9.36 and 10.69 percent, respectively.

By activity sectorsin the Canary Islands, at the end of March, 3,061 unemployed were registered in agriculture, 6,169 in industry, 14,993 in construction, 127,405 in services and another 13,416 belonged to the group without previous employment, areas in which the monthly variation in unemployment was -94, -272, -248, -4,136 and 64 people, respectively.

In March 53,685 contracts were signed in the Canary Islands, 643 more than in February, 1.21% more and 6,060 less than in the same month of 2023, that is, 10.14% less. Of all of them, 24,540 were permanent and 29,145 were temporary.

In February of this year 28,478 unemployment benefits were requested in the Canary Islands of which 23,712 were registered with a recognition period of 0.42 days, which benefited 94,210 people and involved an expense of 93.2 million euros, since the average amount of this aid was 953.2 euros.


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