Unique and unique, leading the new trend in the middle-aged and elderly party service industry – “Jingcai City Gathering” middle-aged and elderly themed restaurant grand opening

Unique and unique, leading the new trend in the middle-aged and elderly party service industry – “Jingcai City Gathering” middle-aged and elderly themed restaurant grand opening


At 10 a.m. on March 30, the first Shanghai store of the middle-aged and elderly-themed party restaurant “Jingcai City Gathering” grandly opened at No. 662 Qixin Road, Minhang District. On that day, more than 300 guests and media attended the scene and witnessed the birth of a new brand from a veteran team in the middle-aged and elderly party industry. “Jingcai City Gathering” has attracted the attention of many middle-aged and elderly friends and people from all walks of life with its unique theme positioning, exquisite environmental layout and considerate service concept.

Wang Wei, former Party Secretary of the Shanghai Writers Association, a famous Chinese music educator, president of the Shanghai Zhongyin Chinese Musicians Art Research Institute, and artistic director of Jingcai Life Cai Fuhua, a famous writer, former vice president of the Chinese Writers Association, and chief artist of Jingcai Life Consultant Ye Xin, former Chairman of Shanghai Fengxian District Cultural Tourism Mr. Qu, former Director of Minhang District Civil Affairs Bureau Zhou Hanliang, former Director of Welfare Department of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau Ren Chiyue, former Vice President of Shanghai Normal University and former Vice President of Shanghai Tourism College Zhang Jianye , Chen Yonghu, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Entrepreneurship Guidance Center, Hu Mingbao, founder and president of Baoyan Group, Qin Yajun, managing director of Zhongmin Agriculture, Zhang Guoliang, distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, doctor of history jointly trained by Fudan University and Japan’s Waseda University, famous opera Actor, film and television actor, vocal professor, winner of Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress Tang Qun, founder of Shanghai Laoyouqiang and founder of Silver Hair School Ma Shihong, Vice Chairman of “Jingcai City Gathering” Qu Xiaochun and other guests attended the scene , shared his experience on middle-aged and elderly people enjoying their old life, and sent blessings to the opening of “Jingcai City Gathering”.

On the opening day, through guest speeches, ribbon-cutting, luncheon performances, raffles and other activities, the operating concept of “Jingcai City Gathering” and the characteristic culture of middle-aged and elderly gatherings were comprehensively demonstrated to the guests present.

During the ribbon-cutting session, Mr. Ye Xin, a well-known writer and chief art consultant of Jingcai Life, said: “‘Jingcai City Gathering’ allows us to truly feel the infinite possibilities of retirement life for middle-aged and elderly friends. Compared with Jingcai Life’s previous party services, It has reached a new level.” Mr. Zhang Jianye, former vice president of Shanghai Normal University, said: “The opening of ‘Jingcai City Gathering’ is an improvement and pursuit of the quality of life for middle-aged and elderly people. It is not only a place that provides delicious food, but also It is a platform that allows us to feel the care and respect of society. Here, we can enjoy the beauty of life and feel our own value and dignity.” Mr. Cai Jing, founder of Jingcai Life and founder of Jingcai City Ju, said: “I have been engaged in the service industry for most of my life. When I was approaching my twilight years in 2015, I wanted to do something more meaningful. In 2018, I tried the prototype of a one-day party. After that, I continued to think, How to bring more emotional value to my elderly friends in a one-day gathering in the same city. Today, my idea officially turned into action! I would like to thank all the guests present and all the new and old people who pay attention to the development of Jingcai Life Support from friends.”

After the ribbon-cutting, the famous host Shu Yue and host He Haidan of Shanghai’s “Ga San Hu” program happily opened the show and ushered in the luncheon performance. Pianist Han Jiazhe opened the show with Chopin’s “Ballade” and accompanied Wu Dianhai on the piano, giving a wonderful performance of “How Can I Miss Him”. The famous opera singer, film and television actor, and vocal music professor Tang Qun’s team sang 4 songs in a row, pushing the atmosphere to a climax. Finally, the hosts Shu Yue and He Haidan delivered the finale performance, and pushed the atmosphere of the opening event to its peak in the lottery and award of special prizes. Finally, the founder Cai Jing raised a toast and invited all the guests present to celebrate the beginning of the “Jingcai City Gathering” Let’s raise a glass to celebrate the bright future of middle-aged and elderly people gathering together to enjoy their old life!

  Create a new experience for middle-aged and elderly people gathering with unique ingenuity

Cai Jing, the founder of the middle-aged and elderly themed restaurant “Jingcai City Gathering”, first started his career as a traditional business hotel. The experience accumulated in the service industry made him keenly aware of the huge potential of the middle-aged and elderly party market, as Cai Jing said : “In fact, life is still exciting in its twilight years. Middle-aged and elderly friends hope to present their rich life experiences in a new way on the stage of life after retirement. When they gather together, their enthusiasm and investment in every activity , I think more than young people. What we at Jingcai City Reunion really focus on is to continue to create an experience space for middle-aged and elderly people to gather offline. What we do is real on-site operations and services.”

  Quality first, providing refined services

Real on-site operations and services are reflected in every corner of “Jingcai City Gathering”. Speaking of service, we have to mention the feature of “Jingcai City Gathering” – “Butler Service”. The entertainment facilities are only standard, but the butler service is the feature and core. From service butlers, photographer butlers, joy butlers, interview butlers, event butlers, etc., we continue to create professional party planning, party organization and party accompanying services, making “Jingcai City Reunion” a second home for middle-aged and elderly friends. At the same time, the restaurant also provides customized dishes for the middle-aged and elderly people, adjusting the dishes and cooking methods according to the tastes and health conditions of the middle-aged and elderly people to ensure that every guest can enjoy delicious meals.

  Industry leader, promoting innovative development of middle-aged and elderly party restaurants

In addition to professional butler service, “Jingcai City Ju” also has a major highlight, which is Jingcai City Ju’s “Old Shadows” series. In terms of activity design, Cai Jing’s team keenly selected photography, the most popular activity among middle-aged and elderly people, and built it in depth around it. The “Old Photos” series was born. First of all, the restaurant is clearly reflected in the division of functional areas. “Jingcai City Gathering” has allocated 40% of the area for the construction of the film and television photo check-in area, and even invited Mr. Xing Zhuyuan, a senior art director of movies and TV series, to design and build it. There are 16 real-life shooting spaces that restore familiar scenes of film and television dramas from the 1930s to the 1980s. The decoration design fully demonstrates the ingenious artistic style. The restaurant also specially sets up a number of independent party halls and open dining areas of different styles, divided into four areas of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The restaurant also takes words from ancient poems to give Different party rooms are named to inject culture into every corner of the restaurant to meet gatherings of different sizes and needs. This unique design concept not only improves the overall quality of the restaurant, but also allows middle-aged and elderly people to feel more cultural charm and artistic atmosphere at their gatherings.

  The social response has been enthusiastic and we look forward to future development.

Since the establishment of “Jingcai Life”, it has received widespread attention and praise from all walks of life.

The opening of “Jingcai City Gathering” will be a milestone new starting point for Cai Jing’s team in the field of middle-aged and elderly themed gatherings. We hope that in the days to come, “Jingcai City Gathering” can become a “golden place” for middle-aged and elderly people to enjoy their old life. “Party Paradise” and “Spiritual Home”, continue to play a leading role in the industry, promote the sustainable development and innovation of the middle-aged and elderly party industry, and be an ingenious artist in the middle-aged and elderly party industry.


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