UNITED STATES. Senate takes crucial step toward passing aid to Ukraine

UNITED STATES.  Senate takes crucial step toward passing aid to Ukraine

The US Senate on Sunday took a crucial step towards the adoption of $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, blocked in Congress for months.

By gathering 67 votes for this procedural vote, the Senate indicates that it has the votes necessary for the subsequent approval of this envelope, which will however face stiff opposition from Republican elected officials in the House of Representatives. The date of the next vote in the Senate is not yet known.

“Ukraine is dangerously short of reserves. If America does not send aid to Ukraine with this national security bill, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has every chance of succeeding,” the majority leader warned before the vote Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

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Democratic-Republican opposition

Two years after the start of the Russian invasion, elected officials from the United States, the main military supporter of Ukraine, are unable to agree on the validation of new funds.

The Democrats are, in the vast majority, in favor. The Republicans are divided between interventionist, pro-Ukraine hawks and lieutenants of Donald Trumpmuch more isolationist.

The envelope provides funds for Israel’s fight against Hamas (around 14 billion) as well as for a key strategic ally of the United States, Taiwan.

The lion’s share ($60 billion) would help Ukraine replenish its stocks of munitions, weapons and other essential needs as the country enters a third year of war. Russia launched an invasion there in February 2022.

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