Urso: “A discussion table between Tim and Starlink for fast Internet”

Urso: “A discussion table between Tim and Starlink for fast Internet”


MILAN – In the aftermath of the explosion of the Tim-Starlink case, with the satellite connection company headed by Elon Musk That accused the Italian TLC company to put a spoke in the wheels of the development of fast Internet, the minister Adolfo Urso launches a table to address the issue. “The ministry immediately takes part in a discussion and coordination table to find a solution that can allow the two technologies to coexist in the best possible way, as required by law. We will be the actors of this table, we have already done so for a few weeks preparatory work”, said the owner of Mimit when asked about the criticisms made by Musk on the telephone network.

“We as the Ministry must guarantee the parties and therefore TIM, the data and information it possesses – he added – and at the same time allow actors such as Starlink and others to use this new technology for the benefit of all. The Ministry will be the protagonist in the mediation and in the comparison between the actors and in the identification of a better solution that can guarantee the national interest”.

Urso spoke on the occasion of the presentation of Made in Italy Day which will be launched on 15 April, the birth date of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Furthermore, an update on the dossier on the report is expected today golden power related to Tim, about to sell the network to the KKR fund. On the use of any special powers by the Italian side (furthermore, the MEF supports KKR in the offer for the network), Urso said that “the offices of the ministry and Palazzo Chigi will prepare the investigation”, adding that “we have always used to protect national interests but with respect for foreign actors operating in our country”.

As for Made in Italy, Urso remarked that between 2015 and 2023 Italian exports increased by 48 percent in value and said that ours is now the fifth country for exports and that it has overtaken South Korea. From 5 to 25 April there will be around 300 initiatives to celebrate Made in Italy day.


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