US pharmaceutical company: Eli Lilly is planning a billion-dollar factory in Rhineland-Palatinate

US pharmaceutical company: Eli Lilly is planning a billion-dollar factory in Rhineland-Palatinate

The US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has invested billions in a “high-tech production facility” in
Rhineland-Palatinate announced. The manufacturer of various medications – including diabetes medications that can also be used as weight loss aids – wants to create up to 1,000 jobs in Alzey from 2027. It was said that the decision to invest in Germany was made due to the excellent infrastructure and very well-trained specialists.

With 2.5 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros), the manufacturer in Alzey wants to “expand its global production network for injectable medications and the associated injection aids.” Construction is scheduled to begin next year. In contrast to other large projects for example from chip manufacturers in East Germany Lilly gets by without public subsidies and therefore without German tax money, said Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens).

In addition to the 1,000 jobs at Eli Lilly More jobs could be created at suppliers, for example in the packaging industry.

Anti-obesity injection

The diabetes drug Mounjaro, among other things, will be produced in Alzey in the future against obesity should be offered. The drug is approved as a diabetes treatment in the USA and Europe. Eli Lilly also has approval for the product in the USA from the US Food and Drug Administration as a slimming injection receive. This is sold under the name Zepbound and is a competing product Wegovy from the Danish company Novo Nordiskwhich is sold at a significantly higher price and Novo has made Nordisk the most valuable company in Europe. In the EU, the expanded use of Lillys Mounjaro against morbid obesity was recommended for approval by the EU Commission. But this is still pending.

Lilly is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The group has been based in Germany since 1960 and currently has almost 1,000 employees in this country. Most of them work at the main location in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt am Main. According to the company, the new plant in Alzey will be the sixth production location in Europe.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced that the government would further improve the framework conditions for research and production. “In this way, we ensure patients quick access to new therapy options and make ourselves more independent of fragile supply chains,” said the SPD politician.

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