The world of high finance knows no feelings – and certainly not gratitude. There is the Mainz-based biotechnology company BioNTech With the development of the Corona vaccine Comirnaty saved the world or at least gave it back a large amount of freedom, but the much-admired success story no longer plays a role on the stock market.

Worse still: BioNTech is now viewed as critically by disappointed investors as other fallen hopefuls in recent decades: Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank and, most recently, Siemens Energy. The papers were supposed to be people’s shares made in Germany – but in the end the courage of many investors did not pay off. BioNTech’s shares are only trading at around 90 euros – more than 380 euros were paid at the highest prices in August 2021. There has been a price loss of more than 76 percent in just over two years – it’s dramatic.