Viajes Insular celebrates 60 years connecting the Canary Islands

Viajes Insular celebrates 60 years connecting the Canary Islands

Viajes Insular SA is celebrating. Last December 31st marked 60 years since the company laid its first stone. On the occasion of this important date, the company decided to make a 6 month jubilee which will culminate on March 15 with a celebration at the Hotel Santa Catalina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Six decades in which there have been sweet moments and others that are a little more bitter, like the pandemic, which caused them to ‘tighten their belts’ in order to reinvent themselves and move forward.

From the beginning, the vocation of Viajes Insular was, almost exclusively, to cooperate in the development of the incipient tourist activity on the islands, establishing itself in their development areas, providing its offices of the most modern media and making them available to the tour operators who requested their services and, most importantly, with specialized personnel of maximum responsibility and professionalism.

Currently, as it could not be otherwise, the company is in the process of tdigital transformation and optimization of many processes related to both the part that relates to the client and everything that is behind the offices.

The company has 12 physical stores spread across seven of the eight islands. Gran Canaria is the only one with three offices

The company’s general director, Ignacio Poladura, explained that the company continues to “believe and trust” that the points of sale that face the public continue to be essential in its business model but admits that they are analyzing how to integrate all “that disruptive technology that is to come” to try to generate in their physical points of sale, points of attraction and experience, where the client, through these technologies, can access “a lot of information and better information, trying to be more efficient when selling.”

The general director continued explaining that the presence of Viajes Insular in seven of the eight islands shows that they are “one of the great defenders of the physical point” and emphasizes that “the future continues to pass through the store and because the travel agentspeople are increasingly more experts and can give that human touch, expertise and advice» which in principle is going to be lost with the overwhelming amount of technology that is to come.

Secondary image 1 - Viajes Insular celebrates 60 years connecting the Canary Islands

Secondary image 2 - Viajes Insular celebrates 60 years connecting the Canary Islands

Regarding its beginnings, Poladura pointed out that the company took its first steps at the time when the large tour operators “began to see” the Canary Islands as what it ultimately became, a potential tourist destination. Sun and beach. «By then, we, thanks to the founders, became the great reference for the incoming services of those tour operators. During the following decade the company increased its presence until at the end of the 70s and during the 80s the circumstance arose that the large tour operators began to invest and open their offices on the islands.

A movement that affected Viajes Insular, which saw its reception decrease, a fact that did not reach any major level since it coincided precisely with the rise of travel from the issuer’s point of view, allowing the travel agency to “open offices in the Canarian urban centers to serve those residents who were beginning to travel to national and international destinations.

A diversified model

The general director of Viajes Insular highlighted that currently the agency has a staff of 110 employeeIt is “totally diversified”, referring to a business model that combines dealing with the outbound tourist with the incoming tourist as well as a transfer, tour and activity business. «We always say that we are an agency or a very diversified tourism product production group but with a very clear specialization component that is the Canary Islands».

Regarding the situation that the company is currently experiencing, Poladura stressed that, as has happened to many, “we came out of some very, very bad years derived from the pandemic”, to the point that production during andIn 2020 it fell by 90% compared to 2019. “Fortunately, starting in 2023, we can be happy because we have already closed the year with production levels higher than those prior to the pandemic.”

In addition, he pointed out that the company is in the process of “continuing to focus on the physical store” and because travel agents and people are “increasingly more expert and young people do not use the company as a springboard to later go to other companies but to establish themselves here”. Finally, he commented that the staff has a level of permanence well above average and that he has been working with us for “many years, providing us with value and being enthusiastic about the project.”

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