VivaTech 2024: everyday artificial intelligence and greener mobility demonstrated in Paris

VivaTech 2024: everyday artificial intelligence and greener mobility demonstrated in Paris


Project yourself into a future where technology helps humans live better without damaging their unique planet. Organized by Publicis Groupe and the group Les Échos – Le Parisien (to which Le Parisien – Today in France belongs), the VivaTech show will combine for four days, from May 22 to 25, Porte de Versailles in Paris (15th arrondissement), several high-impact themes. Objective: present the innovations of tomorrow to professionals and the general public.

“We want to go even bigger and beat last year’s figures of more than 150,000 visitors,” announces Maurice Lévy, co-president of VivaTech. The largest European event dedicated to innovation brings together a field of 120 countries represented, including new ones, such as Canada and Australia.

AI beyond fantasies

Japan will be the guest of honor for this 8th edition and will come with a delegation of 40 companies specializing in entertainment, the environment and the essential Artificial Intelligence (AI), notably generative AI.

Out of the laboratories and popularized by ChatGPT, this technology still suffers from an image deficit. “We are going to highlight concrete examples of everyday AI with projects that bring realism back to science fiction AI and show what it brings, rather than what it would endanger,” assures François Bitouzet, the general director. “But we are not candid about the changes it brings and the fears it generates, we must debate its role,” he warns.

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International experts like Yann Le Cun, director of research at Meta, or Swami Sivasubramanian, Amazon vice-president in charge of AI, will come to fuel the discussions on the big stage. The elite of innovative companies in the field will also be present with Arthur Mensch, co-founder of the start-up Mistral AI, and the managers of competing companies such as Aleph Alpha or Anthropic. Visitors will be able to see algorithms in action with Swiss start-up Biped AI, which has designed a harness to guide the blind or intelligent prostheses from Esper Bionics. But also the Parisians from Primaa and their cancer detection software.

Tesla, for the first time

Another theme chosen, sustainability (“sustainability” in English) or “Tech which can be a repair solution for the problems it has sometimes caused, such as pollution”, says Pierre Louette, CEO of the Les Échos Group – The Parisian. This will take the form of innovative projects such as the microalgae-based air purifier from the Northerners of Bioteos or Releaf paper, created from… dead leaves.

At the heart of concerns, urban mobility will also be covered. Car manufacturers like the American You’re here or the Chinese BYD will come for the first time to present their electric vehicles. The Software République business collective will unveil a new concept car parked certainly near the Stellantis Inception and its Hypersquare digital steering wheel shown to the general public for the first time.

Because the visitors of the first three days will give way on Saturday to families and Tech enthusiasts. The general public day will focus on gaming and e-sport with reference panels such as Team Vitality or Karmine Corp. For all tastes.


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