VTB began monitoring the construction of facilities from satellite – Kommersant

VTB began monitoring the construction of facilities from satellite – Kommersant

In 2023, VTB launched a pilot project to monitor construction based on Earth remote sensing data, said Anton Vovk, head of the collateral department and senior vice president of the bank. conferences, organized by Kommersant. According to him, the technology is now being tested; the bank has already checked several objects using satellites.

“The fact is that the classic credit route involves monitoring the objects that we build with our funds or that we have as collateral. This path is not always convenient for the client, because you need to divert your resources to ensure monitoring, constantly accompany the bank representative, and sometimes this irritates the client, and sometimes it is basically impossible to see with a human eye everything that we want to see at the site,” explained Mr. Vovk.

As follows from the presentation of the VTB Vice President, construction monitoring based on remote sensing data includes, among other things:

  • selection and analysis of territory for construction;
  • monitoring changes in the state of objects using images from space at different times;
  • automatic mapping.

A commercial operator of services based on Earth remote sensing data, the TerraTech company, created by Roscosmos, announced the development of similar geoinformation services for Sberbank. About the launch of space monitoring of construction sites reported also in PSB. VTB Capital proposed monitoring government investments from satellites in 2019.

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